M1 Prepaid Sim

Choose from 5 options

$20 (U.P. $27)

  150GB (4GB/day + 38GB)

  Up to 1,000 IDD 033 mins (Bangladesh 400 mins /India 1,000 mins /China 1,000 mins /Indonesia 200 mins /Philippines 80 mins /Malaysia 500 mins)

  5,000 mins Local Outgoing Calls

  400 Local SMS

  Unlimited Incoming Calls​

  Valid for 4 weeks​

What’s more, top up $26 to get the same benefit again

$27 SIM at $20 is valid for a limited time period and is available at M1 Shops and M1 Authorised Retailers.

$12 (U.P. $25)

  84GB (3GB/day)

  5,000 mins Local Outgoing Calls

  400 Local SMS

  Unlimited Incoming Calls

  Valid for 4 weeks

What’s more, top up $24 to get the same benefit again!

$25 SIM at $12 is valid for a limited time period and is available at M1 Shops and M1 Authorised Retailers.


  $14 Main Balance (180 days)

  100GB Free Data (30 days)

Know No Limits

Can’t decide? Check out these other popular options available.


  252GB (3GB/day)

  5,000 mins Local Outgoing Calls every 4 weeks

  400 Local SMS every 4 weeks

  Valid for 12 weeks


What’s more, top up $58 to get the same benefit again!


  $10 Main Balance (90 days)

  1.5GB Free Data (30 days)

Self Registration


Register your SIM here


 Self Registration is only available for SIM purchased at selected 7-Eleven and Cheers


Top up now with M1 Prepaid App

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Local Calls

  • 20¢ per min

International Calls

Local SMS

  • 5¢ (Free 10 local SMS with 5 local SMS sent)

International SMS

  • 5¢/SMS to XL Axiata; 15¢/SMS to other destinations


  • 0.7¢/kb*

*Pay-per-use local mobile data services are pre-activated and deducted in blocks of 10KB.
Airtime charges apply for mobile calls to “1800” local toll-free service numbers.


  • M1 Shops
  • Prepaid Preferred Partners
  • Appointed Authorised Retailers
  • Changi Airport Changi Meet & Greet - Terminal 1, 3, 4 ($25 SIM)
  • Changi Airport Changi Recommends - Terminal 1, 2, 4 ($25 SIM)
  • Selected 7-Eleven and Cheers ($25 SIM)


  • Passport
  • Singapore Identity Card
  • Work Permit Identification Card (issued from 3 May 1999)
  • S Pass
  • Employment Pass
  • EntrePass
  • Training Employment Pass
  • Personalized Employment Pass
  • Work Holiday Pass
  • Dependant's Pass
  • Long Term Pass
  • Student's Pass

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Singapore’s Best Value Prepaid SIM Card


Whether you’re looking for a 1-month prepaid SIM card or the cheapest prepaid SIM card Singapore has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. M1 has a fantastic selection of prepaid phone cards at incredible value. With a super simple sign-up process to ensure you’re connected fast and with zero hassles, getting your hands on a prepaid SIM is as easy as heading down to any of our M1 shops or prepaid preferred partners with the necessary documents and registering with us.

Browse our selection of prepaid SIM card offers online, priced from just $8 which will last you up to 90 days, and head into an M1 store or other approved retailers to buy a new prepaid data card and get everything activated

Decide On a Prepaid SIM Card Plan Online

At M1, we strive to provide our customers with as many choices as possible to deliver the best value. Prepaid SIM cards for iPads and mobile phones come in 4 different plans of varying prices, including:

  1. $8 (our most affordable option) comprising a $10 main balance which can be used for up to 90 days as well as 1.5GB free data to be used within 30 days.
  2. $12 (U.P. $25) with 2GB/day of data allowance, 5,000 minutes of local outgoing calls and unlimited incoming calls as well as 1,000 SMS and is valid for 4 weeks.
  3. $14 M1 Prepaid SIM including a $14 main balance valid for 180 days, 4GB free data valid for 120 days and 4GB rewards data to be used in 30 days.
  4. $60 for 2GB data each day (for 12 weeks) as well as 5,000 local call minutes and unlimited incoming calls plus 1,000 SMS every 4 weeks.

What’s more? If you’re looking for an additional prepaid SIM card for overseas use, do not miss the amazing features and benefits (and of course, value!) of our M Card. Whenever you travel overseas, you’ll be easily connected once you land, as long as you have an M Card. Simply subscribe to our 4G Data Packs to be automatically connected to our 4G services.

Fast Data Speeds with a 4G Prepaid SIM Card

You might think that getting onto the 4G network with a Singapore prepaid phone card will incur high costs. Fret not, all our wallet-friendly prepaid data SIM cards are 4G internet capable and if you have a 4G mobile phone, simply change your SIM card to those on the M1 network and you’re all set.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Best Value Prepaid SIM Cards

Can I buy a SIM card without a plan?

We currently don’t offer the purchasing of SIM cards for prepaid services that are not connected to any prepaid price plan. However, that does not mean you’re restricted to the price plan you’ve signed up for. We have a 24-hour service where you can change your price plan anytime with a $1 fee deductible from your main prepaid balance.

How much is a prepaid SIM card in Singapore?

When you buy a new prepaid mobile SIM from us, you’ll have the option to choose from several different prices - $8, $12, $14 and $60. The amount you spend will dictate the benefits included and the validity period. For example, the $12 (U.P. $25) option is a monthly prepaid SIM card that will need to be topped up each month if you’d like to continue using it, while the $14 plan is half of the 1-year prepaid SIM card subscription since its main balance will last a full 180 days before requiring a top up.

Ultimately, choosing which prepaid SIM card cost is ideal for you will be dependent on your level of usage.

Where do I buy a prepaid SIM card from M1?

You can buy a new prepaid SIM card listed online from several different retailers including our M1 shops as well as prepaid preferred partners and appointed authorised resellers. You will also find the cheapest prepaid mobile SIM card in Singapore at Changi Meet & Greet* and Changi Recommends in Terminals 1, 2, and 4 Arrival Halls*.

Finally, for your convenience, you can simply purchase one of our $14 or $25 prepaid cards for your mobile, iPad, or other tablet device from 7-Eleven and Cheers convenience stores dotted throughout Singapore.

*Only the $25 prepaid data SIM card is available at these locations