Your kids’ safety, our #1 priority

The internet can be a mean and dangerous place for a child to be. But with M1 Cyber Guardian, you can breathe a little easier. Monitor your child’s online activities and block harmful online content from them – at home or on-the-go. It’s the smart way to protect your child. 

You can also choose what sites they can surf on and even limit their surfing time. That way, your child will be on their way to developing a healthy internet habit.



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How to protect your kids?



Stop! Don’t see that! Block undesirable content with our convenient pre-sets or customisable filters. 



Is your child hooked to their screens? Don’t worry, we have the answer. You can now set a time limit to their surfing hours.



Who says you have to be home to be in control? Access activity reports and manage their online activities from the office and on the go.



Worried about your kids deleting the app? With our network-based solution, there is no app installation. As long as your kid is on M1's network, they’ll always be protected 24/7.

Categories Filtered

Select from these 3 pre-defined  categories or visit our Cyber Guardian portal to create your own filter.

  • Lite
  • Teens
  • Child
  • Adult Content
  • Advertisement & Pop-ups
  • Anonymizers
  • Cults
  • Dating
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Entertainment
  • Forums & Newsgroups
  • Gambling & Cheating
  • Hate & Intolerence
  • Internet Security Threats
  • Objectionable
  • Online Games
  • Politics
  • Shopping
  • Social Network, Chat & Blogs
  • Sports
  • Streaming Media & Downloads
  • Weapons & violence
  • Web-based email


Let's protect your kids

Sign up now and get a promotional waiver on the first 6 months subscription for first-time subscribers.

Subscribers are allowed to terminate the Service at any point during the subscription period.


How to activate

1. Access the Home tab, Click View Plan > go to Add some sunshine to your plan > choose Cyber Guardian
2. Select a Category (Child, Teen, Lite)
3. Slide to Subscribe now

Already have Cyber Guardian? Log in to customise your settings.







M1 - Cyber Guardian Internet Parental Control

From mandated Home-Based Learning to online video games, kids are spending more time online than ever before. As true digital natives, the Internet has evolved into a wonderful place for children to learn and have fun. However, there are several threats to a child’s internet safety. Be it an invasion of privacy or harmful content, it can be a dangerous place for children, especially if they are unaware of the risks. As such, it comes as no surprise that parents will want to monitor their child’s online activity. However, blocking harmful content from the little ones 24/7 can get tricky since keeping a watchful eye on their online activity all the time is not feasible. This is where Cyber Guardian by M1 comes in.

Ensure Internet Safety for Your Children

Designed to block harmful content from your children in a smart way, this service acts as a guardian against all cyber security risks you and your family might be exposed to. Having your child’s safety as our #1 priority, it allows you to customise the types of online content that your child can see. Safeguarding them round the clock, this network-based security solution requires no app installation. Never fret about your child deleting the app or logging into the portal to change the settings. So long as your family is leveraging M1’s network, you can always protect your kids. Built with security features such as the requirement of an M1 ID, only those with the necessary permissions will be able to manage settings.

Filter Inappropriate Content Anytime

Whether you are looking to filter inappropriate content on YouTube, Google, or beyond, enabling the safe search function can do all that and more. Available in 3 pre-defined categories, parents can also customise a unique filter to meet all their cybersecurity requirements. From adult content to internet security threats to even online games, filter out anything and everything you deem inappropriate. With remote access capabilities, you can manage their online activity on the go as well. But that is not all! This parental control service facilitates healthy internet habits with its time limit settings that control surfing hours.

Make the Internet a Safe Space for Your Kids with M1

Gain confidence that your child is safe online with Cyber Guardian. Block access to specific sites, restrict personal information and monitor online activity with ease today. If you are already subscribed to M1’s Fibre Broadband plans, postpaid mobile or mobile broadband, sign up for these internet parental controls on your My M1+ app. First-time subscribers will get a promotional waiver for the first 6 months, and a monthly subscription will cost $2.72/mth thereafter. So what are you waiting for? Protect your loved ones from potentially harmful content or contact over the internet with your own personalised guardian against cybersecurity threats.

Frequently Asked Questions About the M1 Cyber Guardian Digital Service

How do I activate Cyber Guardian?

Ensuring internet safety for kids is made easy with Cyber Guardian and the My M1+ app. Add some sunshine to your M1 plan by selecting Cyber Guardian under the Home tab. You can then choose from the 3 predefined categories and simply slide to subscribe.

Will I be able to filter the content while travelling overseas?

Yes, you will be able to. So long as you are roaming with M1 using our Data Roaming services or Data Passport, you will still be able to log into the Cyber Guardian portal to customise the parental control settings. Data roaming charges may still apply.

Are there other security digital services offered by M1?

Beyond having your kid’s safety as our priority, M1 also offers other security digital services. Besides the Cyber Guardian subscription, you can subscribe to any of our FoneCare+ plans. A contract-free mobile add-on, FoneCare+ is a one-stop service that ensures your mobile device is secured and cared for. With 2 monthly subscription types available - FoneCare+ and FoneCare+ Pro - you can reap benefits such as unlimited access to technical support and Tech Buddy, annual handset upgrades for Bespoke Contract Plan subscribers, and more. Simply subscribe to a FoneCare+ plan of your choice when you sign up for any Bespoke plan with a new device and use your handset securely.