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M1 - Singapore’s Best Corporate & Small Business Mobile Plans


Are you running a small business and need a mobile plan that caters to just a few employees? Perhaps you work in a large corporate setting a nd require a plan that connects up to 30 mobile lines? Or maybe you find yourself somewhere in between the two. Either way, M1 has a range of the best business mobile plans that will cater to your needs.

Offering a wide range of choices to ensure your business benefits from generous cost savings, you’ll be more than impressed with M1; the leading business phone service provider in Singapore. We’ve been helping our corporate customers find solutions to their business mobile phone plan needs for decades. As such, we’ve built a strong reputation for delivering nothing but the highest-quality service to each and every one of our customers over the years. Given our long-standing expertise and experience in the field, you can rest assured that you’re in excellent hands when you choose M1 as your business phone service provider.


Business Mobile Data Plans Catered to Each Individual

When it comes to our affordable small business phone services, you’re free to build your plan in a multitude of ways so as to meet your business’ telecommunication requirements.

For corporate individuals looking for a business mobile phone service that ensures all local voice, messaging, data and roaming data requirements are encompassed in a single plan, our all-inclusive Enterprise Mobile Plans are the ones for you! Finding the best corporate mobile plan in Singapore is especially easy when you have 3 package options to choose from. All these plans feature unlimited talk time and messaging as well as the ability to use your data bundle across 76 destinations. Depending on the local and roaming data you may require, simply decide between:

1. EM3+: Equivalent to a Lite+ plan, it comes with 13GB of local data and a 3GB data roaming limit
2. EM12+: Synonymous with a Reg plan, this business phone plan comes with 40GB of local data and a 5GB data roaming limit
3. EMX+: Equivalent to the Max plan, it comes with unlimited local data and a 7GB data roaming limit


Afraid you’ll go over the limit when you’re data roaming? Fret not! Our complimentary Network Lock feature ensures you do not incur unintended data charges. To be even more certain of your data usage, you can always log into the My M1+ app and view your usage on this corporate phone plan. For more information on our Enterprise Plans, refer to our FAQ page.

Eligible for the CORI programme? Enjoy exclusive perks when you sign up for our CORI Mobile Plans.

It’s All About TalkShare & DataShare

Ever thought of sharing a pool of local outgoing talktime and SMS with your co-workers? An efficient way to make great savings, the M1 Talk Share pooling plans allow you to choose which tiered corporate mobile phone package works best for you and your colleagues. Included in these plans is a specific amount of free local outgoing talktime to share and SMS/MMS to split among as many as 30 mobile lines! To add to that, any calls made between the numbers registered to the plan are free, and so are calls to 5 other designated M1 mobile customers. Require mobile data too? Data bundle is available on a pay-per-use basis with a cap limit.

Moreover, if you’re planning on making a number of calls to IDD 021 numbers when you’re connected on one of the TalkShare plans, you can unlock free calls to 19 different destinations for a minimal monthly fee.

Business Mobile Plans Comparison

When comparing business mobile plans, it’s pivotal to look at factors beyond costs — whether it is best value in terms of price or customer service, many things should be considered before signing a contract. For cheap business mobile plans, the rates and inclusions you’ll get each month when you sign up to M1 remain unrivalled.

As Singapore’s best phone service provider for small business and corporate customers, rest assured that you will get the most affordable small business phone service and first-class customer service whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Mobile Plans

What are the biggest benefits of M1’s small business phone service?

There are a number of stand-out reasons why we offer the best small business cell phone plans in Singapore. Perhaps the biggest benefit is how personalised our services are for every customer; we don’t take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach because we know every business is different.

From business mobile SIM-only plans with the CORI corporate programme to mobile add-ons  , you’re given the freedom to build a plan for you, made by you.

Which business mobile share plan should I choose?

Deciding on which of the business mobility solutions you should opt for will depend on a variety of important factors. These include the number of employees within your business or corporate setting, how many call minutes and data you are planning to use each month collectively, and even down to whether you or your staff require new handsets.

Understanding all of this is integral to getting the best value corporate mobile phone service package.

How do I sign up for a corporate mobile phone plan with M1?

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and sign up to the best mobile business plans on offer throughout Singapore, you can either send us an enquiry online or call our friendly team directly at 1622.