As the pandemic continues, working from home (or some variant of it) has become accepted as part of the new norm. For some of us, it even seems to be the preferred working arrangement. 80% of Singaporeans have expressed a desire to continue working from home on a full-time basis, or for a shift towards more flexible working arrangements.

However, unless businesses allow employees more flexible opportunities, it is imperative to engage staff more. Especially since prolonged periods of working-from-home without any contact with colleagues might erase one’s sense of belonging to a core company culture.

As such, businesses need to innovate and adapt to this new normal. To maximise productivity and employee satisfaction, greater engagement can be promoted through the strategic use of technology. But before we get into that, let’s delve into the increasing trend of telecommuting and how it supports businesses and employees alike.

The Continued Shift Towards Telecommuting

While there are still many jobs that require employees to be physically present, there is a vast number who are able to achieve their KPIs regardless of physical location. And that has allowed for the spread of telecommuting as we call it, albeit at a much slower rate before COVID-19.

Perhaps slow due to the initial costs required to implement it, or perhaps the perception that thorough training is required for employees to adapt to it. Whatever the reason, the pandemic has forced remote work arrangements upon companies, accelerating its adoption and acceptance. And if you’re working remotely, you’ll want a high-speed internet connection.

How high-speed networks promote work productivity

If you’re streaming a movie or playing an online game, a slow and laggy internet connection is most frustrating. And it’s no different for employees working from home, where choppy video conferences, longer download times for large files, and more dampen work productivity and motivation.

These problems are easily avoided with a lightning-fast home internet connection, which not only improves productivity, but also maintains employee satisfaction.

5 Ways to Use Technology Strategically for Employee Engagement

For a company’s long-term profit goals, work quality, and retention rates, employee engagement is vital. And in today’s landscape, adopting digital strategies is one way to go about it.

Here are some ways to strategically use technology to ensure your employees stay engaged and continue to feel like part of the team even while telecommuting.

1. Promote collaboration

Help your employees feel like they’re a team by providing different channels for them to collaborate. Use apps such as Asana and Trello, schedule weekly or bi-weekly video meetings with Zoom or CISCO Webex, and create instant messaging groups to promote spontaneous discussion.

2. Offer e-learning & utilise gamification

Offer additional training for professional growth. Providing training opportunities encourages employee engagement and helps them feel connected to the company. E-learning and training management systems facilitate this process and are a must-have for employers seeking to supplement corporate development.

Gamification software is another viable solution. As a platform to host employee engagement activities, it creates friendly competition that helps with employee engagement. Activities including interactive games can provide some much-needed respite - even if only for a few minutes - and you might be surprised how much of a positive effect it has on overall productivity and engagement, because they’re acknowledged and/or rewarded for their performance.

3. Invite feedback

Give your employees the power to provide real-time feedback through online surveys. That way, you can review and revise your operations to improve work culture and employee satisfaction.

4. Minimise complications from technology

Unreliable internet connections and low-quality video calls are just some of the issues one might find that hinder productivity when working from home. Make sure your employees don’t get frustrated from dropped video calls and the like by recommending the fastest home broadband connection in Singapore.

5. Make use of apps & tools

There are many applications that can make employees’ lives more comfortable in a home office setting, such as:
– Asana
– Trello
– Google Drive
– Dropbox
– Zoom
– CISCO Webex
– Clockify
– 15Five
– Basecamp
– Doodle

Also, if staff are accessing company drives remotely, implement a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for security reasons and make sure all employees have antivirus software installed.

And for efficiency’s sake, it’s vital that employees have a high-speed internet connection wherever they are; home broadband while working in their home office and 5G should they be required to leave the home for any reason.


The Impact of 5G Technology on Employee Engagement

The continued rollout of 5G networks in Singapore and around the world will impact how we work from home in three key ways.

1. Low latency

Latency is the time it takes for data to go from one place to another. The incredibly low latency on the 5G network negates issues like pixelated video calls, screens freezing, and participants dropping out, translating into a greater level of employee engagement and satisfaction.

2. Higher speeds

When employees work from home, they’ll sometimes need to download large files through remote access to the company’s server or other file sharing sites like Google Drive. Slow connection speed means sitting around waiting for files to download, which is exasperating when one has things to get done. The ultra-quick data speeds of 5G mean drastically reduced download times and fewer frustrated employees.

3. Larger bandwidth

Don’t let all the other telecommuters in the area have a negative effect on your connection speeds because of limited bandwidth. 5G has a substantially greater bandwidth compared to 4G, allowing many more users to be connected at the same time without any connectivity issues.

Connecting to the 5G network is incredibly straightforward. All you need is a 5G compatible mobile phone with a mobile data plan that provides 5G connection. The Bespoke Flexi Plan with the 5G Booster pack add-on by M1 is just that. And because the bespoke plans provide complete personalisation, you can rest assured you’re getting the best value for money.

Paving the Way Forward with Tech-Savvy Solutions

Now that you’re well-versed in employee engagement when telecommuting through strategic technology use, it’s time to implement these new strategies. Discover for yourself just how much more effective, productive, and engaged your workforce will be!