Immerse yourself in the myriad of features and innovations of Samsung’s latest flagship product, the Samsung Galaxy S24. With a Singapore release date set for 31 Jan 2024, the Galaxy S24 takes the brand’s signature Galaxy series to new heights thanks to cutting-edge AI-driven capabilities, smarter camera specs, and 5G connectivity. Embark on a journey with the Galaxy S24’s specs, Galaxy AI and discover why it’s a must-have for tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike.


An Elegant Design That Speaks Volumes

The Samsung Galaxy S24 redefines elegance with its sleek, modern design coupled with a 6.2-inch screen. Fusing aesthetics and functionality, its lightweight structure and ergonomic design make it a pleasure to hold, ensuring comfort and style in every interaction.


Visual Brilliance at Every Angle

Prepare to be captivated by the Samsung Galaxy S24's stunning 6.2-inch FHD+ display at 2340 x 1080 resolution. Dynamic AMOLED 2X display delivers vivid colors and crisp details for an unparalleled visual experience, whether you're watching videos, playing games, or browsing the web.


Capture Life in High Definition

Change the game with the Galaxy S24's stunning new camera specs. The 50MP rear camera comes with 12MP ultra-wide lens, 10MP telephone lens, and 3X optical zoom, allowing you to capture every detail with perfect precision. The Samsung Galaxy S24's all-new AI-enabled Nightography mode also makes low-light photography even easier, preserving your memories with the utmost fidelity.


Unleash the Power Within

With the Samsung Galaxy S24, experience power and performance like never before. Equipped with the latest Exynos 2400 processor and 8GB (RAM)/256GB (ROM) memory, this device handles all tasks with ease for a seamless and efficient user experience.


Precision Connectivity at the Speed of Light

Now with 5G capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S24 delivers lightning-fast internet speeds for greater reliability in gaming, texting, and browsing. Plus, Live Translate features enable real-time two-way translation over call and text so you can better connect with the people who matter.


A Battery That Keeps Up With You

A long-lasting 4,000mAh battery ensures your Samsung Galaxy S24 is ready to go without any interruptions. Gaming is also made even better thanks to the robust battery upgrade paired with optimal processor performance. Plus, wireless and USB-C charging ports make it a breeze to charge your phone wherever and whenever, keeping up with your fast-paced lifestyle.


Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 at Exclusive Prices and Promotions with M1

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is more than just a phone; it's Samsung’s latest cutting-edge innovation in an already competitive smartphone market. With advanced AI-enhanced features, a sleek design signature to the Samsung brand, and unparalleled performance stats, the Galaxy S24 is set to redefine your smartphone experience. And when you pre-order and purchase a Galaxy S24 from M1, you get the added advantage of enjoying our Bespoke Flexi Plans, $0 phone plan deals, and other exclusive mobile promotions.

Get ready to embrace the future of technology with the Samsung Galaxy S24 and M1, where we make every digital experience extraordinary.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Samsung Galaxy S24

1. What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy S24?

Discover competitive Samsung Galaxy S24 prices in Singapore with M1's varied plan options. Whether you are seeking a post-paid, prepaid, or SIM-only plan, M1 offers attractive pricing and promotion bundles to suit your needs. Visit our website or your nearest M1 store for the latest pricing details and exclusive offers.

2. What are the camera specs of the Samsung Galaxy S24?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 comes with a 50MP rear camera with 12MP ultra-wide lens and 10MP telephoto lens options with 3X optical zoom, as well as a 12MP front camera.

3. What is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S24?

The global release date of the Samsung Galaxy S24 is slated for January 17, 2024 and the Singapore launch date will be on January 31, 2024. Pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 will be available on M1’s site from 18 Jan (9am) until 30 Jan, 2024. Browse even more Samsung Galaxy S promotions available on our site and secure your dream phone at great value and prices.