Personalisation – that is the key to providing customers a better digital experience. As players in one of the fastest growing industries, digital service providers are expected to keep up with this trend. From the way we engage customers online to providing customised, need-specific solutions, we are constantly finding ways to evolve rapidly to allow such personalisation.

But what do we mean by ‘personalisation’? And why isit so important? And how exactly do M1’s mobile plans come into the picture?

What Does Personalisation Mean in the Digital Services Setting?

With the continuing growth of hyper-connectivity brought about by the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), personalisation has become the dominant trend.

When it comes to digital services, personalisation refers to the liberation from set ‘cookie-cutter’ options. Instead of a provider only offering a handful of set options that aren’t customisable, you’re free to make changes as you see fit to minimise costs and maximise value.

Why is being able to customise digital services to your liking important?

From the desktop to the laptop, tablet to the phablet, and smartphone to smartwatch, innovations in technology and devices show no signs of slowing down. Having said that, not everyone uses everything. More often than not, we only use devices that satisfy our needs, and everyone is different with unique needs. It’s easy to see why it's important to personalise everyday digital services like your home broadband, roaming data and mobile plan. Especially in Singapore, with its diversity of people and cultures, it’s imperative that everyone has access to customisable digital services to perfectly match their needs. Nobody should pay for things they don’t need or use!

Where Do M1 Singapore’s Mobile Plans Fit In?

If you’re looking for a new mobile plan in Singapore, there are quite a few digital services providers for you to choose from. But if it's a unique Singapore mobile plan that you're looking for, one that satisfies your individual needs, it's M1 you want to go with. We want our customers to get the best possible value for their dollar, which is why we offer you the option to fully customise everything, from upfront payment costs for a new phone, to call minutes, and monthly data allowance. If you’re on a Bespoke Flexi or Bespoke SIM plan, you can even change your allowances each month.

The mobile plans we offer have the highest degree of personalisation. We make the plan work for you.

But wait. There's more you can do to personalise your M1 plan!

What about value-added services?

The way we see it, why include services in our mobile plans that not everyone will use? Instead, you’re free to pick and choose whichever value-added services you need, including:

  • Bundle packs: $10* for 10GB/100 mins, $20* for 50GB/100 mins, or $50* for 150GB/10,000 mins.
  • Unlimited weekend data add-ons: Free registration and $6* a month subscription fee for unlimited data every weekend
  • Caller number display: Sick of having to answer private numbers? This value-added service lets you know exactly who’s calling you.
  • Caller number non-display: Prefer to keep your number private? This service keeps things confidential either permanently or on a call-by-call basis.
  • Wi-Fi calling: Clear phone calls even when there’s limited coverage! Check out the Wi-Fi calling FAQs here.
  • Data usage alerts: Always know before you burst your limit with our free data usage alerts service.
  • 5G booster: Faster internet means less buffering when streaming and zero-lag gaming. Supercharge your connection with one of our 5G booster packs!
  • IDD 021 saver: Stay in touch with family and friends who live abroad with 700 minutes of 021 calls. To India, Bangladesh and 17 other countries, with love.
  • Cyber guardian: Stop! Harmful content will not be shown to your children.
  • FoneCare+: We've got you covered if you ever lose or damage your phone.

*Prices are subject to change

Which Mobile Plan is Best for Me?

If you’re wondering which mobile plan is best for you that depends entirely on your wants and needs. If you’re not 100% sure just how many minutes or how much data you really need, M1’s mobile plan options - Bespoke SIM-only or Bespoke Flexi - are ideal. Why?

Because once you’ve figured out what you need in the first month, you can make adjustments for the following month and thereafter. That means you’re not spending any money unnecessarily.

The Bespoke SIM-only plan gives you the flexibility to modify your data and talk time combinations, through sliders in the My M1+ app, allowing you to configure the ideal combination for you and your lifestyle.

And if you’re in need of a new phone, or just want the latest models, the Bespoke Flexi Plan allows you to pay however much you want upfront for the handset, and the balance can be paid over 12 to 36 months.

But if you want an even bigger discount on your handset and don't mind committing to a year or two on the same plan, consider the Bespoke Contract Plan and build your new plan. Customise your base plan with add-ons according to your liking, with phone repayments and plans integrated into a single monthly fee.

Comparing Singapore Mobile Data Plans

It’s easy to see why M1 mobile plans are the way to go when you make a comparison between mobile data plans in Singapore. With the ultimate in personalised mobile data plans, we provide you with the freedom to fine-tune your plan, so you only have to pay for what you absolutely need. And with its suite of value-added services to choose from, you know you're in good hands. Can’t wait to sign up for your very own bespoke plan? Shop for the latest mobiles or sign up for a no contract SIM-only plan today!