iPhone 12 is the latest in Apple iPhone technology, released in late 2020. It comes in 4 models: iPhone ‎‎12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.‎

Each of the models has different specifications offered at different price points. That means you’ll be ‎able to find a new iPhone 12 handset to suit your budget! And because all of them are 5G-capable and ‎run on the ultra-fast Apple A14 Bionic chip, they’re all incredibly powerful, ready to connect to the ‎fastest mobile network.‎

But which of the latest iPhone models is best for you? Let’s compare each handset's specs.‎

Comparing the Specs of Apple’s Latest iPhone 12 Models

From Mini to Max, how do you select the model that's the best fit for you? Every iPhone 12 model has a ‎Super Retina XDR (OLED) display and an identical A14 Bionic processor. They all sport the same new ‎protective Ceramic Shield glass coating. From Face ID to Magsafe accessory compatibility, the list of ‎similarities between all 4 is long. So, what should you look at? If it’s budget-friendly? If it’s jumbo-sized? ‎

Everyone is different and will have different needs. But our guide's here to help!‎

‎1. The Phone for All: iPhone 12‎

The base model, iPhone 12, is a fantastic smartphone with many features and really great specs for its ‎price. ‎

Weighing in at 164g, iPhone 12 has the same 6.1-inch screen as iPhone 12 Pro. Available in 3 storage ‎options - 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, it also has a 2815mAh battery that will last you the entire day. It's no ‎doubt a powerful handset that's built to last. The only thing missing is the dedicated telephoto lens, ‎which is built into iPhone 12 Pro. It also comes in 6 fancy colours. Grab the new iPhone 12 in purple at ‎M1 today!‎

‎2. Fits in My Hand: iPhone 12 Mini ‎

For the first time, Apple released a miniature version for its new iPhone series, iPhone 12 Mini. A stand-‎out mobile phone for anyone who wants a handset which fits comfortably in the palm, the Mini has ‎almost all the same features as iPhone 12, only in a more compact design. Designed with a 5.4-inch ‎display, the 135g iPhone 12 Mini even has the same camera setup as iPhone 12 - 12MP Ultrawide, ‎‎12MP Wide, and 12MP selfie camera. Its body has an IP68 rating too, which means it's resistant to dust ‎and water for up to 6m and 30 minutes! At M1, you’ll be able to get your hands on the 64GB, 128GB, ‎and 256GB iPhone 12 Mini in 6 different colours for as low as $0 upfront on the Bespoke Flexi Plan. ‎

‎3. If Less is a No-Go, Choose iPhone 12 Pro

Neither too big nor too small, iPhone 12 Pro includes a few nice upgrades. It comes in 4 premium, chic ‎colours - Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, and Silver. It also comes with larger storage space - 128GB, ‎‎256GB, and 512GB so you can store all those pictures you took using the extra 2x optical zoom rear ‎camera. That's not all! iPhone 12 Pro also adds a touch of magic with its LiDAR scanner, which takes the ‎experience of taking portraits in Night Mode to the next level. ‎

‎4. Max it Out with iPhone 12 Pro Max

The top-tier iPhone 12 Pro Max delivers a fantastic experience. With a massive 6.7-inch screen and ‎incredible OLED picture quality, it's perfect for playing movies and TV shows in high definition. Storage ‎space options range from 128GB to 512GB, so you can download as many apps as you need, and take as ‎many pictures as you want, without running out of memory! Wondering what its defining feature is? ‎That'll probably have to be its camera setup. With an image sensor that’s bigger than the other models, ‎its main camera is just...different. Here’s a breakdown of its camera specs:‎

Front camera: 12MP‎

Rear camera:
– 12MP Ultrawide; 12MP Wide; 12MP Telephoto‎
‎– ‎5x optical zoom; 12x digital zoom‎
‎– LiDAR Scanner for Night mode portraits
‎– Quick autofocus in low light
‎– Next-level AR

How to Choose Your New iPhone 12 Model?‎

If you’re planning to spend some time on your phone streaming TV, movies and other video content, ‎you'll have to go with iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its huge screen size with OLED display and big 3687mAh ‎battery providing up to 20 hours of video playback makes it hard to beat. But maybe you're looking for ‎something else? M1 has the full range of iPhone 12 models and more. All are available on the Bespoke ‎Flexi and Bespoke Contract plans - check them out!‎