If you’ve done a bit of research to find out which are the best phone plans in Singapore, you must have seen a few M1 mobile plans. More specifically, you’ll have read about the Bespoke Flexi Plan — one of the three newly launched bespoke plans.

Your ability to make changes as you see fit each month is a game-changer in Singapore, so understandably, it might come across as too good to be true. But that’s just it - M1 is here to change the world of mobile phone plans for the better, forever, and at fantastic prices.

For those who aren’t fully aware of how M1’s Bespoke Flexi Plans are leading the charge, we’ll break down all there is to know about this made-to-measure plan.

What Makes the Bespoke Flexi M1 Mobile Plans Exceptional?

When you compare the different mobile phone plans in Singapore, you’ll quickly realise that you’re pretty much locked into a certain amount of data and call minutes for an extended period of time (typically 1 or 2 years). But who’s to know how much data and minutes you’ll need in a few months’ time, let alone a year from now?

Forget being locked into data and minutes allowances - the M1 Bespoke Flexi Plan offers you ultimate flexibility. From increasing data allowances to decreasing talk time, you can alter your plans every month with ease! All you have to do is access the My M1+ App and modify your plan by “sliding” the respective toggles and make the changes you want, no admin fee incurred.

Add-Ons Galore

If your favourite show is being released on a streaming network next month and you’re planning a binging marathon, you have a power to increase your data allowance for the month. Or, if you’re only going to watch on weekends, opt for the Unlimited Weekend Data Add-on at only $6 and stream to your heart’s content!

Speaking of add-ons, there’s a list of other optional extras to complement your Bespoke Flexi Plan: free SMS Data Usage AlertCaller Number DisplayCaller Number Non-Display5G Booster to surf the internet and stream videos at ultra-fast speeds, and many more.

Phone Instalment Plan for Your New Handset

Thinking of getting yourself the hottest new handset? M1 offers a selection of the latest smartphones on phone instalment plans starting from $0 upfront and with instalment plans spanning 12, 18, 24 or 36 months, according to your monthly budget.

Your monthly bill payment will include the full charges for subscription and device. And guess what? There are no interest charges applicable for the device’s outstanding balance!

How Easy is it to Sign Up with M1?

It’s super simple and straightforward to sign up for an M1 phone plan. You can do so via the M1 e-shop. Select Bespoke Flexi mobile plan and you’ll be on your way to building the M1 plan of your dreams.

And be sure to check out the latest offers and promotions at M1 to take advantage of some incredible limited-time deals. If you have more questions, browse the FAQ section or contact us for more information.