You might feel that your phone is saturated with social media apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ‎Reddit, Snapchat, Telegram, Meetup, LinkedIn, and the list goes on. But apparently, there's still room for ‎more! Introducing ClubHouse.‎

ClubHouse is a social media iPhone app which has grown astoundingly fast. It sells itself on a very ‎intriguing concept which separates it from the other social media apps on the market.

It's not particularly new. Heck, it's perhaps one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book: they made ‎access strictly by invitation only. So, unless an existing user sends you an invite, you can't join (for the ‎moment, anyway).‎ ‎

Its premise is simple: you listen to other people’s conversations. While that might seem creepy and ‎voyeuristic, don’t worry - the people you’re listening to want you to listen to them. You might even be ‎able to join the conversation should you have something to add. ‎ ‎

From Elon Musk to other industry leaders and influencers, you'll find yourself listening to many ‎insightful conversations by some of the world's most interesting people. ‎ ‎

How Elon Musk Brought ClubHouse to the Next Level

In January, Elon Musk joined a conversation on ClubHouse with Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi ‎Ramamurthy on The Good Time Show. It was reported that this caused the number of downloads for ‎the app to jump from 3.5 million to a .‎

At the time Elon Musk made his appearance on The Good Time Show, ClubHouse servers apparently ‎crashed, with the room limit busted, leading to individuals live-streaming the chat on YouTube and ‎posting transcripts on Twitter.‎

Is ClubHouse available on both iPhone and Android devices?‎

Want to listen to the CEO of Tesla Motors and founder of SpaceX chat about colonies on Mars and ‎space travel? Although the trending social media app was initially released for download only on iOS, it ‎has recently been made available on Android too! ‎

Having begun with a US-only rollout in early May 2021, downloads of the Android version surpassed 1 ‎million in under 2 weeks! If you’re one of those who've been waiting, you can now download the app ‎from Google Play Store.‎

ClubHouse App Alternatives

If you’ve yet to get an invite for the exclusive audio app, check out these similar alternatives: ‎

‎1. Spoon

Spoon is a social audio live streaming platform which allows you to join conversations on a range of ‎different topics. With just your voice, make new connections as you explore music, live streams, ‎podcasts, and more.‎

Download the app from: Google Play Store or Apple App Store.‎

‎2. Discord

There’s also Discord, which enables users to create voice chat channels. These can be either private or ‎public, open to whoever wants to jump in and share their opinion.‎

Download the app from: Google Play Store or Apple App Store.‎

‎3. Riffr

Finally, Riffr is another alternative to ClubHouse. The difference is that Riffr conversations are pre-‎recorded. It’s a great app that lets you search for topics that interest you and you’re sure to find plenty ‎of discussions on said topics. Who knows, you might find yourself going down the rabbit-hole with all the ‎quirky recordings people put up there.‎

Download the app from: Google Play Store or Apple App Store.‎