More people are working from home now than ever before. And because we’re sleeping, eating, relaxing, and working all in the same space, it can become quite difficult to truly disconnect after a long day of telecommuting.

Thankfully, we can tap on technological tools and solutions to wind down after a long day of work, minimising the risk of burnout.

How to Use Technology to Prevent Burnout When Working from Home

Innovative new tech is constantly being rolled out. From mobile apps to affordable streaming services, the options are never-ending. We can harness them to avoid burnout while we work from home. Here’s how:

1. Mobile apps

There are quite a few mobile apps that are designed to help users relax and unwind. Search the App Store or Google Play store for apps like Headspace, Sleep Cycle, and Dark Noise, which focus on users’ mental well-being. If you are afraid you might go over your data limits, don’t worry! As an M1 user, not only do you receive free data usage alerts , you can also log into your M1 account through the My M1+ app to either change your monthly data allowance or monitor your remaining data.

2. Downtime settings on your smartphone

For Android users, Android 9 onwards gives users the ability to set up Wind Down Mode. This puts your phone on Do Not Disturb, which prevents notifications from disrupting your respite and changes the display to greyscale, reducing eyestrain. To activate it, head over to settings->digital wellbeing->wind down.

For Apple users, iOS 12 and beyond has a similar function called Downtime. It also switches your phone to Do Not Disturb mode. It simultaneously disables access to specific apps of your choosing, so you can avoid hours of mindless scrolling on Facebook and Instagram. Head to settings->screentime->downtime to turn it on.

3. Wearable tech

Get yourself a Fitbit, Amazfit or an Apple smartwatch. These provide a wide range of helpful information to better know yourself. Heart rate monitoring, sleep pattern tracking, step counting and exercise statistics. Understanding all of this can help you make changes to your lifestyle so you know how to reduce your stress and improve relaxation.

4. High-speed internet

The longer it takes to download and upload work-related files, the longer it’ll take you to get everything done for the day. On top of that, when it’s finally time to wind down and stream your favourite TV show, the extended buffering time might dampen your mood.

A fast internet connection means less frustration and a reduced chance of having to work overtime.

Tools for a Shorter Workday in the Home Office

But sometimes it’s not just about winding down. You might want to shorten your workday – and who are we kidding, who doesn’t want that?

If you work from home, that means you’ll want all the tools you need to be at your disposal so that you can work efficiently and effectively. M1 offers a range of work from home essential services such as M1 Cloud UC for business telephony on the go as well as CISCO Webex Meeting. With these cost-effective enterprise services available, adapting to the new norm will be easy.

If you’re constantly on the move and meeting clients, you’ll want high-speed connectivity. Get yourself a new 5G compatible mobile phone from $0 upfront on a Bespoke Flexi plan and add on the 5G Booster pack.

Other Tips for Winding Down When You Work From Home

Besides the above-mentioned tech solutions and services, consider these additional lifestyle changes as well to unwind when working from home.

1. Maintain regular working hours

It can be easy to fall into the trap of working extra hours when you work from home, which may lead to burnout. Avoid this by keeping to a strict schedule. Start and end your day at the same time as you normally would (unless, of course, you have an urgent deadline that can’t be missed).

2. Set up a designated work area

Create a space in your home dedicated to work and only work. It’ll help you to get into the mood for work, and it’ll be easier too to switch off when the day is done.

3. Take your passions to new heights

Find a hobby or take the time to pursue your passions. This will not only help with your work-life balance, but also stave off burnout, and may even assist in your professional success.

From gaining new skills to connecting with like-minded people, having a hobby gives a sense of fulfilment. Not sure where to start? Be inspired by one of the many Be Stories, unique individuals who strive to carve out their own path.

Technology can blur the boundaries between work and leisure, creating stress. But it can similarly be harnessed to help us unwind. Do you have any special strategies that you’ve adopted? Share them with us on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #unwindwithM1.