It only makes sense for people to share their travels on social media as they experience the world. With many friends and family wanting a share in these ‘insta worthy’ moments away from home, it’s really not about showing off when you decide to post a photo or video while overseas. In fact, some of the most popular social media accounts are based on wanderlust, posting personal insights into fascinating destinations and inspiring followers to see the world.

Share Your Insta-Worthy Moments

Whether you prefer to use Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, every one of these thriving social media platforms has communities for travel lovers, and it’s not hard to find passionate travellers who have endless stories to tell about destinations, both well-known and untouched.

With the rise of social media influencers , some creators have even successfully grown their love of travel into a career. With high-quality images and captivating stories, it’s even possible to partner with businesses and tourism boards to fund your globetrotting.

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Post Your Wanderlust Thoughtfully

Sharing your adventures with followers can be a hugely rewarding experience. However, as you gain traction on social media, you'll want to be careful about how much personal information you share. Although you might think you’re only posting photos and videos for those who want to accompany you on your journey, thieves and scammers could be lurking around.

Rather than unnecessarily putting yourself at risk, protect your privacy when posting online. This way, you can indulge all you want in your wanderlust without stressing over how your followers use the information you post.

1. Don’t Share Details About Your Travel Plans

Letting your followers know about upcoming travel plans might seem like a good idea, but it could lead to major problems if the wrong person comes along. Burglars are known to use social media to figure out when someone is out of town, so avoid sharing any specific information regarding your travel dates or flight details.

2. Tagging Isn’t Always a Good Idea

Travelling with friends and family is exciting, but you should be extra careful about what you reveal about each other's movements. One of the most common ways safety is compromised is when people tag others in Facebook or Instagram posts. This is because it gives a clear signal to crooks that your entire family is travelling, and that no one is home.

Change your tagging settings on social media platforms so you'll have to approve these posts before they appear in your feed. By making the most of these privacy features, you can safeguard your personal information from anyone with malicious intent.

3. Reconsider Checking-in

It’s tempting to let your followers know all about the natural wonders and gourmet restaurants you've visited during your travels. But it's an even better idea to let them know all about it when you arrive home instead of checking in on social media and giving away your whereabouts.

Just as you shouldn’t tag yourself and loved ones in photos and videos, checking in while in a foreign country ensures felons know they have plenty of time to scout out your home. Meanwhile, travellers with thousands of followers on social media should be cautious about providing real-time updates about their specific location. Twitch streamers have shared their stories of violent stalkers who deduced their location from minor identifiers in the background of Instagram posts. As such, checking into a location upon your arrival only puts you at risk.

4. Discuss Travel Privacy with Friends and Family

When planning a trip overseas with less tech-savvy friends or family, discuss the importance of online privacy and make an effort to download travel safety apps before setting off. Those who are not aware of privacy concerns might post content that makes it obvious how you've left town, so have everyone up to speed on what's safe to share.

From securing social media privacy settings to being careful about who you share your travel plans with, don’t underestimate the importance of online privacy when roaming the globe.