It isn't uncommon to follow your favourite YouTube vloggers and Twitch streamers, given today's world of rapid-fast internetsmartphones, and easily accessed platforms. And vlogging, which dates back to the early 2000s, has seen such a massive uptick in numbers in recent years, with an estimated 44% of all internet users consuming at least one vlog every month that becoming a vlogger is today a viable career option.

However, don't let the big bucks that the biggest vloggers earn from their enormous fan bases fool you into thinking that becoming a YouTube or Twitch star isn’t without its problems. For example, anti-fans could look for your private information online and share it. They could even find out where you live. Famously, this led to criminals finding Kim Kardashian’s residence in Paris, allowing them to hold her hostage and rob her in 2016!

Tips to Vlog Safely

1. Don’t reveal your home address

One of the best things you can do for your personal safety is to avoid revealing where you live. While it’s fine to talk about your city or show footage from nearby areas, giving away too much information about your home could prove disastrous if someone who watches your content decides to cause trouble.

2. Protect your personal information

Similarly, discussing too many private details with your audience could create problems in the future. Although you want to build a connection with your audience by giving some insights into your life, you don’t have to discuss where you go for school or what your siblings do for work. You could even use an alias for your channel instead of your real name.

3. Don’t reveal your travel plans

It only makes sense to keep your followers updated on your latest activities via social media, but don’t reveal details that could compromise your travel plans. Although most people are aware of paparazzi following celebrities, we’ve seen K-pop groups like ENHYPEN, BTS, and NCT experience hundreds of sasaengs – obsessive fans – digging for their flight information and even booking tickets for their flight.

4. Maintain boundaries with your fans

To be a successful vlogger or live streamer, you’re going to want to build a relationship with your fans. But that doesn’t mean you can't set clear boundaries. Don't give the impression that you're available online at all times. Call out bad behaviour, and set other appropriate limits on your social media interaction.

5. Know where you can and can’t film

Every country has different regulations and laws for recording people in public. In Singapore, you generally don’t need to obtain permission if you’re capturing footage in a public space. However, if you decide to live stream inside a private property like a restaurant, you may need to get permission ahead of time. Becoming a successful blogger isn't just about having the right vlogging setup. You also need to build a solid foundation with clear boundaries from the get-go.