There are many top-rated streaming services in Singapore, from Netflix with its huge catalogue of TV ‎series and movies, to Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV which both offer their own line-up of shows. ‎

But when it comes to K-drama, films and variety shows from Korea, where can fans find their K-fix? Viu, ‎that's where.‎

What is Viu? ‎

Viu was launched in 2015 and made its way to Singapore in 2016, roughly around the same time as ‎Netflix. Owned by PCCW Media, a Hong Kong-based media company, it has since expanded to 16 ‎different countries. Recently, Viu struck a deal with JTBC (a Korean cable TV network), giving them ‎access to a massive 80% of JTBC’s content. This is in addition to their existing contracts with other major ‎Korean broadcasters, including MBC, SBS, KBS, and CJ E&M. While Viu's extensive library of video ‎content is primarily Korean, the company has set its sights on content from other countries as well, ‎including Thailand and Hong Kong. ‎

For users willing to wait, free access is typically given 3 days after shows are aired for Viu Premium ‎members. Users not on Viu Premium might also find a fair number of advertisements interrupting their ‎experience. ‎

Viu Premium Subscription

For those who want on-demand access to all the content available on Viu, a monthly subscription to their ‎Premium plan is perfect. Not only can you watch every single show and movie in their gigantic library, ‎but you can also do so with minimal disruptions by advertisements.‎

What’s more, you’ll only have to wait 8 hours from the original telecast to watch the latest episodes. ‎Plus, you can watch all your favourite shows in full HD 1080p resolution, unlike Free Viu where you’re ‎limited to 480p.‎

Finally, getting a subscription to a Viu Premium plan means you’re free to download unlimited content, ‎as opposed to one episode at a time with Free Viu. Premium, therefore, gives you an all-access pass to all ‎your favourite K-dramas, which you can watch during your daily commute without using your precious ‎mobile data.‎

How Can I Sign Up for the Viu Premium Subscription?‎

Want a free Viu Premium plan? Sign up or re-contract to one of the 2-year mobile plans (excluding ‎Bespoke) or Fibre Broadband 1Gbps plan at M1 and you’ll get up to 12 months’ worth of Viu Premium, ‎completely free!‎

You can also add on a monthly subscription to any of the great Bespoke mobile plans and enjoy Viu ‎Premium ‎at just $7.98/mth.‎