If you’re a passionate gamer, you'll want the best gaming setup possible to make the most of your gaming experience.

While you might think that all you'll need is a powerful computer, you'll also need to consider some other factors. For example, if you're playing games online as in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) or (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) MOBAs, you'll need internet access and might want a fibre internet connection and gaming router or mesh Wi-Fi router. Let's find out what else might enhance your gaming experience!

1. Gaming Setup Basics

To construct an ideal condition for gaming, consider first your chair. You’ll want something comfortable with proper back support if you're going to game for extended periods of time. We've heard that Secret Lab makes some amazing chairs which provide exactly that. Similarly, you'll want a sturdy, stable desk that you can trust not to let your setup down. Consider Omnidesk, which offers a great selection of desks, perfect for your gaming needs.

Then, there's the monitor. The best gaming setups use dedicated gaming monitors as they have faster refresh rates and better-quality colour saturation than run-of-the-mill monitors. An example is the ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor VG279QR. Offering super-smooth gameplay through the ASUS-exclusive Extreme Low Motion Blur technology, tearing, stuttering and afterimages are eliminated efficiently. With the rapid strobing of the LED backlight panel, gamers can even revel in smooth game scene movement.

Optimise your experience even further by getting a keyboard, mouse, and/or controller, which are designed specifically for gaming. Razer offers a great selection of these peripherals and more.

2. Level Up the Ambience with Smart Home Gadgets

A good gaming setup isn’t just about the station itself. Do you feel most comfortable gaming in a particular spot? The surrounding environment and ambience might be the cause. And part of that is the lighting.

Which is why you might want to go hands-free with smart home devices like light switches and smart plugs, which can be operated through voice commands via gadgets such as Google Home. You'll no longer have to pause a game to turn the lights on or off!

3. Fibre Internet Connection & Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Finally, if you're into esports, an integral part of your gaming setup will be a fast internet connection. And while fibre broadband delivers ultra-fast internet, any Wi-Fi dead zones in your home - especially if your gaming setup is located at one - will be a major problem you’ll have to fix!

And to make sure you’re running the best broadband for gaming, go with an M1 fibre broadband plan coupled which comes with a mesh Wi-Fi system.

Who is the best internet provider in Singapore for gaming?

Wondering who offers the best broadband for gaming in Singapore? Go with the most trusted internet service provider around. At M1, we deliver lightning-fast fibre internet connections. For a gamer-optimised solution, get the GamePRO 1Gbps plan, which offers a dedicated network with lower latency and managed routing.

Sign up for a 24-month GamePRO 1Gbps plan, and you'll even get a powerful Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router (worth $449) absolutely free! So you won't have to worry about having the ideal internet setup for your best gaming setup!