Adding some wrist-based tech to your daily life is a great idea, but many have trouble deciding between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. Although features and aesthetics might seemingly overlap, that's only on the surface, and the differences add-up once you get to know more.

Typically, smartwatches offer the same health and well-being features in fitness trackers. But smartwatches tend to take things further, with the top models offering extensive music controls, Near Field Communication (NFC) tech, voice assistant, mobile connectivity, and more.

So, if you’re looking for wearable tech that does more than keep track of your everyday fitness, check out these key benefits of owning a smartwatch. Find out about the latest smartwatch wearable tech and decide whether getting one makes sense for your needs.

The Benefits of Owning a Smartwatch

1. Enhance the Everyday

Besides tracking your overall health and fitness, the best smartwatches also allow users to seamlessly make and receive calls and texts. Plus, most smartwatches display more alerts than fitness trackers, including social media notifications, calendar reminders, emails, and more.

2. Effortless Style

Most fitness trackers are designed with a minimalist aesthetic. But the latest Apple and Samsung smartwatches are bound to accentuate any outfit in your wardrobe, with their selection of both modern and classic watchfaces. While both smartwatches and fitness trackers allow users the option to customise their wristbands, you’ll have more colours and materials to choose from when personalising your smartwatch.

3. Navigation and Connectivity

As smartwatches come with GPS, mobile connectivity, and high-quality screens, you can navigate them exactly as you would your smartphone. Instead of looking at your phone as you walk, a quick look at your smartwatch suffices.

Make Up Your Mind Today

Still can't decide whether a smartwatch or a fitness tracker is right for you? Consider these questions:

1. What do you need from your wearable tech?

If you only want to keep track of your day-to-day health and fitness, a full-featured smartwatch might not make sense. But if you want a mini-computer that streamlines your everyday life, including communication, directions, and notifications, a high-end smartwatch makes perfect sense.

2. Does your smartwatch need to integrate with your phone?

With the leading wearable tech integrated with smartphone operating systems, you can get the best experience by sticking with the same brand. For example, iPhone users will want an Apple Watch while Samsung fans might want to consider the latest Samsung smartwatch for the best experience.

3. Where to buy smartwatches in Singapore?

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