While we may look at CDs, cassettes, and vinyl with a sense of nostalgia, the future is here, and streaming is today's way of listening to music.

Streaming really has taken over, with Spotify in the lead when it comes to global popularity and users. That said, there are several major contenders that are worth considering if you're looking for alternatives.

1. Apple Music

Offering perks you might not get anywhere else, an Apple Music subscription is a great option if you use an iPhone. Heck, even if you use an Android device, Apple Music offers millions of songs. Top-notch music recommendations, the ability to access playlists curated by people, and download them for offline listening, are all part of this music app's appeal.

It’s available on the Apple App Store and for Android via the Google Play store. With M1, you can even pay for your Apple Music subscription and other entertainment purchases together with your M1 bills!

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a fantastic platform for musicians and listeners alike. An incredible place to find music you’d otherwise never be exposed to, SoundCloud is also a space where famous artists release original works that are often not on their albums. The platform has also pushed out a new payment model for independent artists to earn through fan-powered royalties. Artists can even add a direct donation button so that loyal fans can support them in their music careers.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, SoundCloud offers 4 different subscription models:

  • SoundCloud Go: For listeners, this offers an ad-free experience and the ability to save tracks for offline listening.
  • SoundCloud Go+: An amped up version of Go, Go+ offers the added benefit of accessing the full SoundCloud catalogue and the ability to mix tracks using some DJ integration tools, all while listening to the tunes in HQ.
  • Pro Unlimited: Subscribing to Pro Unlimited allows creators to access all of SoundCloud insights, have unlimited upload time of any audio type, schedule when tracks will go live, and a whole lot more.
  • Repost by SoundCloud: A more affordable version of the Pro Unlimited, Repost by SoundCloud allows creators to keep 80% of their revenue, split payment with collaborators, and use promotional tools like Pitch.


3. YouTube Music

Since Google Play Music stopped services to make way for YouTube Music, the app has gone full throttle to become one of the best streaming services for music lovers. A great option for those looking to listen to their favourite tunes on the go, subscribers can also access an expansive catalogue of videos and over 70 million official songs. For an ad-free experience and the ability to download and to listen to songs offline, a premium membership is required. From live performances to covers, download the YouTube Music app from the App store or Google Play store.

4. Tidal

Tidal streaming service promotes itself as a ‘high fidelity music streaming’ service, touting the best sound with lossless audio and high-fidelity sound quality. With more than 70 million audio tracks as well as interviews and exclusive releases, it has plenty of content for you to choose from.

There are 4 subscription plans - Premium, HiFi, Family Premium, and Family HiFi, each with its own unique features. Download the app from the Google Play store or the App store today.

5. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Music Prime gives access to 2 million ‘hand-picked’ songs, while Amazon Music Prime Unlimited gives access to over 70 million ad-free songs. Users can also choose from 4 different Amazon Music Unlimited plans - Individual, Family, Single Device, and Student - for unlimited access to songs and the ability to listen to tunes offline with unlimited skips. Like Tidal, Amazon Music aims to differentiate itself by offering high fidelity tracks for a better audio experience.

The app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

6. Deezer

Deezer is available in over 189 countries. One of the top music apps around, Deezer offers a library of more than 73 million songs, podcasts and playlists. Go premium for the ability to download tracks for offline listening, as well as high fidelity sound at affordable prices.

The Deezer app is available in 3 different plans:

  • Deezer Free: A free version of the music app, users can browse their collection of 73 million songs and use the shuffle play feature.
  • Deezer Premium: Ad-free listening with offline mode, Hi-Fi sound, and unlimited skips.
  • Deezer Family: Including everything Premium offers for up to 6 accounts to share.


Download the Deezer app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

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