So, you've decided to switch from Apple to Android. You must've had your reasons. Maybe your friend showed off their ‎new Android smartphone and its capabilities impressed you. Perhaps you're just interested in giving something different ‎a go for a change. Or maybe the creative designs of new Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 caught your ‎eye. Whatever the case may be, there’s no reason to be intimidated, even though there are changes that may take some ‎getting used to. ‎

To make this transition easier, we've created this guide to explain how to move easily from iPhone to Android, so you’ll ‎feel good about your decision to switch over from your old iPhone to your new Android phone.‎

Reasons to Love Your New Android Smartphone

Let’s start by getting you acquainted with the Android OS and why you’ll absolutely love your new smartphone, at least ‎once you’ve gotten used to it.‎

More affordable smartphone options

Since you’ve already gotten your new handset, this might be something you realised when shopping for a phone. ‎If you want an iOS smartphone, you’ll only have a select few to choose from, since they're all manufactured by ‎Apple. ‎

On the other hand, Android smartphones are offered by many different manufacturers — Samsung, Huawei, ‎Realme, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, LG, Google, and more. As such, you would have access to a greater ‎variety of handsets at different prices.‎

Extensive customisation ‎

Heard of widgets? They allow you to get information from your favourite apps without having to open them! ‎With Android, there's a huge number of widgets besides the default ones, on top of custom themes and even ‎launchers which completely change how your phone looks and feels. ‎

For example, want to know which events you have saved on your calendar? Add a Calendar widget and ‎everything will be displayed on your homescreen! Sure, the iOS 14 allows for widget personalisation too, but ‎Android definitely allows for far more personalisation! ‎


Want to transfer something from your iPhone to a computer? You need to have an iTunes account set up, or some ‎other workaround. But with an Android device, you can just plug it into your computer. It’ll be recognised as an ‎external device so you can simply drag and drop whatever files you need from your phone.‎

Fewer accoutrements

Whether you’re charging or want to transfer data, the USB-C cable is your go to. That means unlike Apple ‎devices which need a host of dongles and adaptors, you don't need as many, if any, for your Android ‎smartphone.‎

Transferring Information From iPhone to Android

Okay, now it's time to get into the important stuff - how to move all your photos, contacts, and whatnot over to your new ‎Android phone from your old iPhone.‎

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Losing contacts during the transition is the last thing you want. It’s so tedious having to respond to every message with ‎‎‘New phone - who dis?’‎

This can be avoided by synching your contacts with your Google account. Here’s how you do it:‎

‎1.‎ On your iPhone go to Settings -> Contacts -> Accounts -> Add account -> Google‎
‎2.‎ Sign into the account you’ll be using on your new smartphone‎
‎3.‎ Turn on ‘contacts’‎‎
‎4.‎ Click save‎

All your contacts will now sync with your Google account! Now all you need to do to transfer your contact data into that ‎account on your new Android phone! You could also use iCloud, iTunes, or other third-party apps to help with the data ‎migration, but we recommend going through your Google account as it's by far the easiest option to transfer data over to ‎a new Android phone.‎

How to transfer your calendar from iPhone to Android

If you were already synched your calendar to your Google account, it’s going to be the same process as with your ‎contacts - just log into the same Google account on your new phone and you're done!‎

If you haven't, then follow these steps:‎

‎1.‎ On your iPhone go to Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts -> Add account ->Google‎
‎2.‎ Sign into the account you’ll be using on your new smartphone
‎3.‎ Turn on ‘calendar’‎
‎4.‎ Click save

Once you've done that, your calendar will be saved, and all you have to do is sign into your Google account.‎

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android

You could use apps like Dropbox or Send Anywhere. But there are two other alternatives to move all of your photos from ‎iPhone to Android more easily. You could use the Google Photos app, or you could transfer them manually using your ‎computer. ‎

The faster way is to go with the Google Photos app. Here's how you do it:‎

‎1.‎ Download the Google Photos app on your iPhone
‎2.‎ When it asks if you’d like to back up your photos, click ‘yes’‎
‎3.‎ This might take a while depending on the number of pictures you have saved. Just make sure you have a stable ‎Wi-Fi connection, take a break, and let the app do all the work for you. ‎
‎4.‎ Download the Google Photos app on your new smartphone
‎5.‎ Log into your Google account and you should see all your photos!‎

If you’d like to do it manually, install the necessary device drivers for both your handsets, connect them to your PC, and ‎drag and drop the files you want transferred.‎

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android

It’s thankfully very easy to transfer entire WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android.‎

On your iPhone: Go into the WhatsApp app and swipe left on any chats you’d like transferred. Tap on the ‘More’ button, ‎then ‘Export chat’. Send to the email you’ll be using on your Android device.‎

On your Android phone: Open the email and download the file(s). Delete WhatsApp if already installed, then download ‎and install again from the Google Play store. During the setup, when prompted, select the ‘Restore’ option. When it’s all ‎finished, you should have all the chats on your WhatsApp.‎

How to transfer notes from iPhone to Android

Because we’ve already used our Google account to help us sync contacts and calendar info, you can opt for the same ‎method to transfer notes from your iPhone to Android smartphone. Here’s how:‎

‎1.‎ On your iPhone go to Settings -> Notes -> Accounts -> Add account -> Google‎
‎2.‎ Sign into the account you’ll be using on your new smartphone
‎3.‎ Turn on ‘notes’‎
‎4.‎ Click save

And just like that, your notes will be automatically updated on your new phone once you log into your Google account.‎

Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Your New Android Device

Want to get the most out of your new smartphone? Here are our top Android tips to help you do just that!‎

‎1.‎ Take advantage of digital wellbeing settings

We are glued to our phones now more than ever. Which is why Android smartphones have digital wellbeing ‎settings. Choose a time for your phone to automatically switch to silent mode and night mode to reduce stress on ‎your eyes. ‎

Head to settings-> digital wellbeing & parental controls to explore these awesome features.‎

‎2.‎ Switch to dark mode

There are plenty of apps out there that use overly bright white themes. For those of you who prefer a darker ‎background, you’re covered on Android 10 and later.‎

Switch on the Dark theme, which toggles all system and app settings (if they support it) to dark mode by heading ‎to settings -> display.‎

‎3.‎ Customise with a new launcher app

Make your home screen your own by using one of the many launcher apps available on the Google Play store. ‎We recommend Nova, Lawnchair, Apex, or Smart Launcher, but there are plenty of others to choose from.‎

‎4.‎ Turn on developer options

If having the ability to tinker with things like performance, checking your device’s statistics and configuring the ‎profile of your phone sounds like something you’d like, great news! Android enables users to do that and more by ‎turning on developer options.‎

Head to Settings -> System -> About phone -> Software info scroll down to ‘build number’. Tap build number 7 ‎times and once you enter your passcode (if you have one) you’ll get a notification pop-up that you’re now in ‎developer mode. Make your way back to Settings -> System and scroll down; you’ll now see ‘Developer options’ ‎as a submenu option.‎

‎5.‎ Speed up animations

There’s a great way to make your phone feel much faster, which is by speeding up animations. ‎

Go to Settings -> System -> Developer options and scroll to the ‘Drawing’ section. For each of the following, click ‎and set to ‘Animation scale .5x’ (or higher) in the pop-up options menu:‎

– Window animation scale
‎– Transition animation scale
‎– Animator duration scale

And there you have it! Effective but simple ways to transfer everything from iPhone to Android, as well as a few great ‎tips to help you fall in love all over again with your new Android OS smartphone. Yet to purchase an Android phone? ‎Check out the great range of Android devices available from M1, priced from just $0 upfront on the Bespoke Flexi Plan!‎