There are over 100 billion messages sent over WhatsApp every day. That’s a billion - with a B. It's a huge number, and it’s no wonder why it’s the globally ranked number one mobile messenger app.

But...WhatsApp made a few decisions, and many of its users have begun migrating to alternative apps, including Telegram and Signal. If you're currently on WhatsApp but considering switching over to Telegram, this guide is for you.

Why Switch to Telegram?

What happened with WhatsApp that triggered the mass exodus to other apps?

1. WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions

One's privacy has been a growing concern with the development of technology – how invasive are these apps? That’s why users were aghast to learn that they could no longer opt out of sharing data with Facebook, following WhatsApp’s announcement in the first week of 2021.

There were essentially two choices offered to users: accept the new terms and conditions or stop using WhatsApp. This sent many into a frenzy, sharing their opinions, and some scurrying for alternatives as they saved their WhatsApp messages before the update became official.

Initially meant to be rolled out on 8 February 2021, it was delayed until 15 May 2021. After which, users would have limited use of the app if they did not accept the new terms.

2. Apple iPhone model not compatible with WhatsApp

Another reason why WhatsApp users decided to jump ship over to Telegram or Signal was WhatsApp’s update in March 2021, which made the app incompatible with anything older than iOS 10.

Because the old iPhone 4S model by Apple cannot be updated to the iOS 10 software and beyond, users with iPhone 4S had no other choice but to find alternatives. If you’re one of those still using the older iPhone models, maybe it's time to upgrade your phone or explore your messenger options.

How to Save WhatsApp Messages and Make the Switch to Telegram

To move from one online messaging service to the other while retaining all your WhatsApp messages in the process is surprisingly straightforward and simple thanks to Telegram’s functionality:

Apple iPhone/iOS users:

- Go into WhatsApp
- Select a specific chat group or conversation
- Open ‘Contact info’ or ‘Group info’ at the top of your chat screen
- Tap on ‘Export chat’
- Decide if you’d like to Attach Media or not
- Select Telegram from the pop-up share menu

Android users:

- Go into WhatsApp
- Tap on the dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
- Tap on ‘More’
- Tap on ‘Export chat’ and choose whether you want to export media as well
- Select Telegram from the pop-up share options menu

Congratulations! You can now pick up your conversations exactly where you left off without worrying about WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions.