Years ago, setting up a home theatre system meant having to grapple with many wires, figuring out ‎which connected to which device. Like does this wire connect to the speakers? Or does it connect to the ‎DVD player? A process which went on for hours on end.‎

Thankfully, it's far easier these days to install an entertainment system at home. With innovation and the ‎implementation of new technologies, the very nature of home entertainment systems has evolved. ‎

The Future of Quality Home Entertainment Lies in Fast Broadband

Not too long ago, the only legal way to watch movies at home was to either buy or rent them on DVD. ‎And if you followed a TV series, there was a painstaking week-long wait between episodes, made worse ‎by how production companies love to end each episode on a cliff-hanger.‎

Then, everything changed when Netflix’s streaming services were introduced in the mid-2000s. Though ‎there weren’t initially many titles available, the exponential increase in their subscriber count was a sign ‎of deals and shows to come. Streaming would become the future of home entertainment, giving rise to ‎the importance of being connected to the fastest broadband possible.‎

Since its inception, Netflix's library of TV shows and movies has grown significantly. Not only that, but a ‎myriad of other streaming services has also entered the fray, providing us with plenty of on-demand ‎video content, not to mention different audio streaming options too, like Spotify and Deezer.‎

A List of Leading Streaming Services Available in Singapore

Nowadays, setting up a home entertainment system means you’ll want to subscribe to at least one video ‎and music streaming service, so you get the most out of your new system.‎

Our top 3 for each category are:‎

‎1.‎ Video streaming
– ‎Netflix
– ‎Viu Premium
– TVBAnywhere+‎

‎2. Audio streaming
– ‎Spotify
– Apple Music
– Deezer

How to Leverage Broadband for Your Home Entertainment Needs

There are a few ways to connect your home entertainment system to broadband internet:‎

Smart TV

Perhaps the most straightforward, integrate your broadband with home entertainment ‎through a Smart TV. While it may look like an ordinary flatscreen TV, it also includes network ‎connectivity via Wi-Fi and webOS 2.0 features, allowing you to browse the internet and stream ‎videos and music via apps.‎

‎Standalone media streaming device

If you don’t currently have a Smart TV and aren’t planning on getting one any time soon, ‎consider getting a standalone media streaming device, provided your current TV has the ‎required plug for it. Apple TV is a popular example of such a device.‎

Via desktop/laptop computer

A little more fidgety than the rest, this entails connecting your computer to the TV via HDMI ‎cable, playing content from your computer and having it displayed on the larger screen.‎

‎Internet-enabled receiver

When shopping for your new home theatre system, find one that includes a receiver pre-loaded ‎with network connectivity capabilities, as this will make setting up easier.‎

M1: Your Leading Internet Services Provider with the Best Broadband ‎

Unlike DVDs, streaming relies on connection to the internet. So, to ensure your entertainment ‎experience is seamless and free from buffering or quality drops, it’s important to get the best ‎broadband Singapore has to offer from a reliable and trusted internet service provider.‎

For the fastest broadband internet going around, choose an M1 Fibre Broadband plan. You have the ‎freedom to select either a 12- or 24-month plan and can opt for either 500Mbps or 1Gbps Fibre ‎internet, which will deliver outstanding streaming quality day and night. And as one of Singapore’s ‎preferred internet services providers, you’ll always receive the highest-quality service.‎

We also have a fantastic selection of broadband add-ons, including sensational Netflix deals and ‎devices such as Apple TV 4K, Wi-Fi mesh networking solutions, and more. ‎