The festive season is a time of joy, celebration, and, most importantly, family. However, in today's interconnected world, younger individuals often find themselves abroad during these special times, whether it's for education, career opportunities, or leisurely adventures. This situation can sometimes create a holiday pickle - the thrill of exploring distant lands conflicting with the heartfelt desire to be with family during the most wonderful time of the year.

But fear not, for M1 has wrapped up a delightful solution to this jolly challenge. With our array of services, we ensure that the festive spirit shines bright, no matter the miles that separate you from your loved ones. Read on to discover how our innovative solutions can make your Christmas truly special, even when family members are continents apart.

Send a Merry Christmas Wish or Gift

Remember the heartwarming charm of receiving a handwritten Christmas card? Let's take that delightful sentiment into the digital age. With attractive mobile phone deals, you can capture and share the festive cheer on the latest smartphones boasting high-end cameras and creative filters.

Picture this: sending a digital photo book filled with funny and adorable family photos or a personalised video greeting from your smartphone. It's about reviving the old-school tradition with a modern twist. With M1’s mobile promotions, getting your hands on a phone that turns your Christmas memories into digital masterpieces has never been easier.

Connect Over a Call

What's Christmas without the family dinner? Even if you're thousands of twinkling lights away, our True 5G network ensures you can still be part of the family feast. Imagine having a virtual call, your screen brimming with the faces of your loved ones as you all dig into your respective Christmas meals.

For those globetrotting this festive season, our eSIM card and data passport services are your trusty companions to ensure you stay seamlessly connected with your family without the hefty roaming charges. Explore some of our best data roaming plans in Singapore for travel, perfectly crafted to meet your unique needs. It's our way of ensuring that wherever you are, you stay right there in the heart of the celebrations.

Make New Memories Through Bonding Activities

What about after the call? Our entertainment services, featuring Eazie TV, VIU, and TVB, as well as our cloud gaming platforms, offer a delightful array of bonding activities. Whether you are getting into the festive spirit by watching holiday movies together or playing friendly Christmas party games, the joy of sharing a laugh over a comedy show or the thrill of competing in a game across borders is now a reality. With our synchronised streaming services and cloud gaming platforms, you can watch and play together, creating memorable moments with your loved ones, no matter where you are.

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Bringing Hearts Closer This Festive Season with M1

With M1, loved ones are brought closer together than ever during the festive season. Our mobile promotions, cutting-edge 5G network, digital solutions, and entertainment services are thoughtfully designed to ensure that every Merry Christmas wish and shared moment of laughter bridges any distance, illuminating the season with joy and brightness.

For those seeking more festive inspiration, check out our guide on Tech Gift Options for Your Family this Christmas. Whether you're near or far, choosing M1 as your partner in creating a truly special Christmas is the perfect way to ensure that the holiday spirit shines brightly, no matter where in the world you might be.