The Samsung S Pen offers users the opportunity to get more out of their devices. Launched in 2011, this high-quality stylus pen redefines the way you experience your smartphone. Today, with Samsung tablet and phone models coming with a new and updated stylus, learning how to use the S Pen is great. Here, we explore how you can benefit from the S Pen and some cool tricks to upgrade your experience of using Samsung phones.

1. Streamline Your Workflow

If you've ever dealt with PDFs, you'll know how troublesome editing them can be. The S Pen is designed to circumvent that by allowing users to annotate PDFs directly from the Samsung Notes app without the need for extra permissions - that's how good the S Pen is. Effortlessly make comments or leave a quick sketch as though you had a physical document in front of you.

2. Convert Handwriting for Extra Speed

Heavy smartphone users would be adept at typing using their on-screen keyboards without mistakes. But there’s nothing easier than writing by hand– something the Samsung S Pen has taken to greater heights. Use it in the Samsung Notes app to craft and convert messages into digital text by tapping on the handwriting-to-text icon on the bottom menu. Then, send it in an email or a messaging app. Not sure how to use the S Pen to write messages? Activate Pen Detection in the Handwriting section of your settings and your phone or tablet will automatically recognise the S Pen when it’s out.

3. Edit Videos with Ease

Whether you’re using a Samsung mobile or tablet device, the S Pen is great for optimising how you edit video content. Rather than struggling to trim clips with your fingers and add filters, the S Pen helps you make changes with precision so you can upload it in hardly any time at all. Meanwhile, you can add captions and handwritten annotations too.

4. Create and Share Vivid Artwork

With a device as versatile as the Samsung S Pen, using it to create stunning digital art makes perfect sense. All you have to do is download your favourite image-editing apps such as Adobe Suite or Autodesk and get to work. The S Pen makes it easy to add colour, texture, and tones, and you can even share your masterpieces with other S Pen fans on the dedicated Samsung app, PENUP.

Get Your Samsung S Pen at M1

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