Effective communication remains critical to a company’s ongoing success, even as more people work from home.

Fortunately, digital tools allow us to maximise work efficiency. Supported by innovative communication tools ranging from video conferencing apps to cloud storage, you probably already use some of these tools when running your business.

If you need to stay connected with others across borders and time zones, M1 offers a range of products to help you.

Misconceptions About Running a Business from Abroad

Although many of the world’s largest companies, including Facebook and Google, have taken steps to empower their workforce to work remotely, some companies remain resistant. Let's have a look at some common misconceptions about operating a business and collaborating with teams from abroad, and how modern communication technology has overcome many of these hurdles.

Myth #1: You Can’t Navigate the Economic Climate

If you have to operate a business from overseas, you might feel like it’s impossible to know your target market well. However, with detailed information available at our fingertips from local news to forming connections with locals, meeting customer demands and needs isn’t as impossible as you might have thought.

Myth #2: It’s Harder to Collaborate with Your Team

While there are some industries and jobs where in-person collaboration is key, the seamlessness with which we can communicate via mobile and home broadband means that we can co-operate just as easily. As barriers have been broken down, there are online tools that empower people to talk, share documents, develop ideas, and monitor their work progress. M1’s SME Hub, for example, offers a range of solutions including Productivity Cloud Microsoft 365 that comes with 1TB file storage and sharing capabilities, as well as Office apps for tablets and phones.

Myth #3: Your Business will be Less Productive

People accustomed to offices might feel that having everyone in the same place boosts efficiency. Although this might be true in some settings, 77% of remote workers say they are more effective when working from home and they are able to do more in less time. Meanwhile, 75% say they experience fewer distractions and fewer interruptions from colleagues. Without staff having to commute too, there’s a good chance business productivity actually improves with a remote team.

Tools to Support a Remote Workforce

As more companies recognise the benefits of remote work, products have been further developed. From collaborative project management tools to cloud storage solutions, check out these tools that emphasise the importance of communication in the workplace.

1. Use Online Collaboration Tools

Trello is one of the most popular digital collaboration tools, offering a feature-rich free version alongside paid power-ups for those who need more. There are also alternatives like ClickUp and Asana, which help remote teams organise their workflow, manage resources, track targets, and hit goals.

2. Stay Organised with Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has revolutionised how we organise and share files. By having all your most critical documents in one place, accessible from anywhere, your team has everything they need to complete their jobs.

Some popular cloud storage solutions include Dropbox, OneDrive, and Citrix, each offering a different set of unique features. These solutions create a unified digital workspace that is secure and efficient, making it perfect for today’s hybrid workforce.

If you operate a data-heavy business that relies on seamless access to sprawling databases and large files, M1’s Global Switched Ethernet is a fast, secure and reliable way for businesses to stay connected. Easily scalable and quick to deploy, your business will be able to get internet access instantly!

3. Keep in Touch with Direct Messaging

While instant messaging has been around for a long time, channel-based apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord make it easy to organise conversations and files with colleagues.

For an outstanding communication service that integrates with the best tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce, M1’s Cisco Webex Meeting service is a top solution. As part of the Tech-and-Go programme, our Cisco Webex Meeting service is available for up to 80% grant support! Alongside this secure and scalable communication platform, we also offer a free Cisco Headset 730 series with every purchase.

4. A Healthy Work-life Balance Still Matters

There are some great benefits for staff who work from home, such as no longer needing to take public transport and having extra time to spend with family. However, some who work from home for the first time might find difficulty setting boundaries between home and work.

Business owners should encourage teams to switch off when the day is done. Whether that means helping staff to follow a daily routine, create a dedicated home office, or take regular breaks, these steps help avoid an unhealthy work-life balance and promote productivity.

Remain Connected Wherever You Are

While there are many digital tools to assist businesses with teams scattered across the world, you must also ensure that your local team has the tools they need. This translates into implementing a range of measures that maximise collaboration.

Considering how much business is conducted on the move nowadays, having access to M1’s range of best Corporate Mobile Plans and Corporate Broadband Plans ensure both local and international team members can remain connected no matter where they are. Add to that M1’s IDD services, and making international business calls and keeping your business globally connected is made easy. You can further boost productivity and scale with our extensive Private Network Connection products. An alternative to Business Fibre Broadband, a private local connection guarantees that information is kept safe.

For a feature-rich Cloud PBX solution, our Cloud Unified Communication (UC) is optimised for high-level workforces. As a unified communications solutions provider, our comprehensive package includes telephony, instant messaging, audio conferencing, voicemail and more. This way, your entire team can stay connected when they need to be.

Experience Seamless Remote Work with M1

Even if you’ve never worked in the same country as your team, establishing and maintaining an adaptable workforce is made possible with the right technology. With the communication in the workplace essential to any company's ongoing success, get in touch with our professional services and consultancy. We can help ensure your business is prepared for a location-independent future. From Business Internet Broadband plans to Managed IT services, M1 has all the innovative solutions you need to take your business up a notch.