Smartphone technology has improved so quickly that you can now run an entire business from your device. For example, cloud storage apps like OneDrive and Google Drive make it easy to create and collaborate on documents on the move. Meanwhile, Facebook Business Suite simplifies your social media marketing, and Shopify POS allows businesses can process sales anywhere. Running your business from the device in your pocket has never been easier.

Taking charge of your digital strategy this way offers a range of benefits - you only need a relatively small investment to start attracting customers and making sales. So, if you’re ready to take on the digital landscape with a new small business, check out these tips that will help you turn your dream into a reality with only a smartphone.

How to Run Your Business Using Only Your Smartphone

Many of today's leading business tools come complete with mobile-enabled versions that make your life easier. Here, are some apps and services you need to know about.

1. Choose the Right Mobile Plan

You'll want a smartphone equipped with the latest business services to keep up with your customers. You'll also want a fast and stable internet connection for when you're on the go. Support your operations with a Bespoke mobile data phone plan from M1. Tapping into the 5G mobile network with our 5Go Access Pack means you can take charge of business from your 5G phone lag-free.

2. Back Everything Up

Running your business with a smartphone can be incredibly liberating. However, it's big risk if you only have your device's internal storage to save files and data.

While subscribing to managed security solutions that ensure data loss prevention might make sense for your business in the larger scheme of things, you'll want a simpler, more feasible back-up solution for your mobile phone. Especially as smartphones are easily stolen or broken, you should always use cloud storage solutions to prevent data loss like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox as offered by M1’s SME Hub .

3. Send and Receive Payments

Every business needs to have a streamlined payments processing. And if you only use your smartphone to complete sales, you'll need your phone to be extra reliable . Fortunately, international services like PayPal and Apple Pay, and local providers including PayNow, DBS PayLah! and NETS Pay, ensure you never have a problem sending or receiving payments. SGQR, the world’s first unified payment QR Code, is one innovation in business and consumer trend to that you'll want to look into and implement if you’ve yet to.

4. Communicate Effectively

Maintaining communication with your team is remarkably easy with smartphone apps. With much-loved applications like Asana, Slack, Skype, and Trello featuring top-notch mobile versions, collaborating with colleagues is a painless process.

5. Make the Most of Social Media

Social media remains a wonderfully productive tool for businesses, especially if you do everything from your smartphone. Whether you need to make an important announcement, communicate with customers, or share a fresh post about a new product, social media will be your go-to,especially if you run an ecommerce business.