Gaming in Singapore has evolved, with cloud gaming platforms becoming commonplace. And the best thing is whether you're into console gaming, PC video gaming, or even casual browser games, cloud gaming has something for you.

Cloud gaming, on-demand playing, or streaming gaming, no matter what you call it, cloud gaming has become a popular way for gamers to access games, streaming them onto different platforms – including your mobile device – with minimal setup. Without the need to invest in expensive hardware such as game consoles and computers or buying games separately, gamers can now access their favourite games at an affordable rate.

Here’s a look at five of the best cloud gaming platforms available in Singapore:

1. Epic Games

Epic Cloud Gaming, a cloud gaming service from Epic Games, streams games over the internet from a high speed server. With the latest titles available, this cloud gaming platform provides hours of entertainment.

Epic Cloud Gaming offers two services, Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine 4. The first is a cross-platform gaming client that gives access to a range of games and servers. The latter is a game engine that enables you to create video games. Apart from a convenient gaming experience, Epic Cloud Gaming also offers other gaming features such as cloud saves, live streaming, and social networking.

2. Microsoft

Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft's cloud gaming service. With a free Microsoft account or Game Pass Ultimate subscription, there are hundreds of games you can play – race through new worlds in Need for Speed Heat, fire away in the Call of Duty series, and swing your way to victory in PGA Tour 2K21. No matter where, or what device you're using, play your favourite games without having to download any apps or software. Furthermore, the cloud deals with all your games, save files, and libraries. This cross-platform capability means almost any device can access console-level play. You can even add friends, so you can discuss strategies during game sessions over built-in chat systems and more.

3. Steam

With a vast catalogue of over 50,000 games, Steam is one of the premiere platforms for gamers. More recently, Steam introduced Steam Cloud Play, a service that enables Steam users to play games from their Steam library, streaming them directly from the cloud. Even though the service currently offers only a limited number of games, Steam supports NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, allowing gamers to play their Steam library on the GeForce NOW client. With up-to-date releases of big-name franchises and indie titles, gamers will always be able to find something new and exciting. You can even gain access to monthly specials, exclusive offers, and early access trials for new upcoming releases.

4. GeForce NOW

Powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX GPUs, GeForce Now is another cloud gaming platform available today. With cloud gaming, you can pick up countless games from your favourite digital stores like Steam and Epic Games without having to deal with bulky hardware configurations, downloads or disk space limitations. No matter what type of device you use, you can enjoy high-quality PC games on your smartphones, laptops, tablets or TV, and transform your devices into powerful gaming rigs from just about anywhere in the world. You can also select from a wide range of resolutions depending on your device’s capabilities and enjoy smooth framerates with minimal latency. Plus, its compatibility with controllers, keyboards and mice makes it easy to personalise your gaming setup for a truly unique experience every time you fire up your favourite titles.

5. Zolaz

Are you ready for a truly revolutionary gaming experience? Introducing Zolaz from M1 – the must-have cloud gaming app that gives you access to over 500 high-quality video games. Play anytime, anywhere, on any device with up to 4 others, no installation or additional game purchases required. All you need is your device to access our extensive library of games! From classic 80’s arcade-style games to the newest cutting-edge battle royale titles, the limits become endless with the convenience of Zolaz cloud gaming.

Enjoy even faster loading times and buttery smooth graphics on our True 5G network, and say goodbye to lag and latency issues for good.

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