Did you know the first ever commercial phone with an in-built camera was created and sold by Kyocera ‎way back in 1999? The photos probably turned out pixelated and you’d have to struggle to make ‎anything out, but it was this innovation that paved the way for where we find ourselves today.

We’ve certainly come a long way, and unless you’re a professional photographer, chances are you won’t ‎need anything other than your phone to take incredible photos.‎

Modern smartphones, such as the latest iPhone models, boast some of the most advanced camera ‎technology we've seen. And if you own such a smartphone, you'll want to make the most out of its ‎camera. ‎

As such, we've come up with this short compilation of camera hacks to help you take your smartphone ‎photography skills to the next level.‎ ‎

‎5 iPhone Camera Tricks & Hacks to Capture Impressive Photos

To get more incredible shots using your Apple iPhone, here are our top 5 camera hacks.‎

‎1. Take photos faster

It takes time to whip out our phone, unlock the screen and get to the camera. Sometimes, that ‎causes us to miss the moment we so desperately wanted to capture. ‎

To avoid this, go straight into your camera by swiping up on your screen and tapping the camera ‎icon in the bottom right corner - this feature is present in supported models with Face ID. ‎Alternatively, swipe left on your locked screen to launch the camera. Users running on iOS ‎‎14/13 can also choose to remove the camera access from their lock screen using Screen Time if ‎they’re worried about strangers gaining access to their camera app.‎

‎‎2. Use burst mode when on the move

If you’re in the car or your subject is moving, taking single shots can mean blurry, unclear ‎images. Hold down the shutter button and it’ll take a bunch of photos one after the other until ‎you release the button. You can then go through them and pick your favourite.‎

‎3. Use photo edit features

There are many amazing editing options for photos on the new iPhone models beyond generic ‎filters. Select an image from your camera album and tap on ‘Edit’ in the top right. From ‎‎‘Brilliance’ to ‘Noise Reduction’ functions, you can play around with all the editing tools built into ‎your iPhone to make the shots stand out. ‎

‎‎4.‎ Keep your lenses clean

Because we handle our phones so much, fingerprints and bits of dirt and grime can make their ‎way onto the camera lenses of your iPhone. Before taking a photo, make sure it’s been wiped ‎down (ideally with an alcoholic wipe, but if you don’t have one at hand, a clean cloth should ‎suffice).‎

‎5. Reduce shake/blur

Whether you’re taking a selfie or using the rear camera to get a nice clear landscape shot, you ‎want to make sure the phone isn’t shaking when the photo is taken. A great way to avoid this is ‎to press the volume up button on the side of your phone to take the shot instead of using the on-‎screen shutter button. This way, you’ll have the support of your entire palm to keep your phone ‎steady.‎

And there you have it - a list of useful iPhone camera tricks that will help you take fantastic photos.‎

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