The days of rediffusion and radio are long gone. Today, we get lost in playlists listening to our favourite tracks for hours on our favourite streaming platforms. But instead of relying on the earphones that came with your phone, get even more out of your experience with these accessories:

A Labyrinth of Music Accessories

From wireless headphones to Bluetooth speakers and different streaming platforms, if you feel overwhelmed by all of the available audio accessories, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered and will explain each of the must-haves so that streaming your favourite tunes on platforms like Deezer will be an enjoyable one.

1. Headphones

  • In-ear/on-ear/over-ear headphones
  • Earbuds
  • Wired or bluetooth headphones
  • Closed-back or open-back headphones


With so many options to choose from, perhaps it is best to start by fixing your budget, then decide what you want them for. For example, if you want to block out all the sound from your surroundings and don't want others to hear what you’re listening to, closed-back headphones like the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x might be your best choice. If portability is a key deciding factor, then consider earbuds like the famed Apple Airpods or Jaybird wireless Vista earbuds.

2. Bluetooth Speakers

Portable and compatible with most smartphones, Bluetooth speakers are great. Get the party going with the Bluetooth-enabled UE Boom 3 speakers that will play tunes with a balanced sound. For something more suited for the home, the Sonos Move works with Google Assistant and can be connected to nearly all streaming services over your Wi-Fi network. Harman Kardon’s Aura Studio 3 is also a popular choice. Just be sure to read some Bluetooth speaker reviews online before pulling out your wallet.

3. Home Speakers

A great set of home speakers makes a world of difference when it comes to listening to music. Wired home speakers usually come with fun features like subwoofers and built-in amplifiers. Better yet, supplement your set-up with one or two Google Home Mini speakers. Google speakers don't just play music throughout your home; they also function as a 21st century voice-activated ‘Ask Jeeves’!

4. Turntables

Whether you opt for high-end turntables or go for a more classic vintage turntable, chances are you’re going to get an experience that appeals to multiple senses - sight, sound, and touch - compared to its digital counterpart. Turntables like TRNTBL is one of the first in the market that connects to Spotify and automatically creates playlists for you based on your listening history. With brands like Audio-Technica putting out entry-level turntables, even audiophiles who are new to connecting with music this way can have a go at it. Bluetooth turntables, or wireless record players like the Sony PS-LX310BT, allow you to pair them up with your Bluetooth speakers or headphones for a personal listening experience.

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