Every mum deserves to be showered with love every day, and especially so on Mother’s Day. Thankfully, things look more hopeful this year. However, while going out with mum will be easier than before, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift certainly won’t. But fret not, we’ve got you covered with our list of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. The Tech-Loving Mum

Why not get one of the latest mobile phones and tech gadgets for your technology-obsessed mum? Even if she’s not, one of the newly released mobile phones will certainly give her the tech upgrade she deserves. Some of the finest handsets to hit the market include the sleek and stylish oppo Find N3 Flip, the iPhone 15 line-up, and the P60 Pro from HUAWEI. Pair one of these mobile phones with a mobile plan like our Bespoke plan, which offers peak flexibility, and she’s all set to conquer the world. 

2. Music-Loving Mummy

Have a cool mum with a vintage vinyl collection and sings her heart out to her favourite tunes? Amp up her music-listening experience with some of the must-have audio accessories. From headphones to turntables, there is a range of top-notch products that every music lover will fall head over heels for.

Check out the top phones for audio and best music app subscriptions too! The Samsung Galaxy S23 5G series and iPhone 14 / iPhone 15 Pro are great options to consider. The former pairs well with the Galaxy Buds2 and has a long-lasting battery, while the latter can be paired with AirPods and offers up to 1TB of storage for all her music files and apps.

3. The Gymaholic

Does your mum glow after completing her intense workout routine and can’t seem to go a day without breaking a sweat? Support her active lifestyle with a smartwatch that will help her achieve her personal fitness goals. Go for wearable tech like the new Samsung Galaxy Watch or the latest Apple Watch. At M1, we carry a great selection of smartwatches that are compatible with esim which includes the latest Apple Watch Series 9. Boasting some of the most advanced Apple Watch health and wellness features, your mum’s sure to be impressed.

Best Mother’s Day Movies & Shows to Watch on Netflix and Viu

If your mum’s language of love is quality time and not gifts, spend some time watching some of the best movies and shows on Netflix and Viu Premium. We’ve rounded up 10 good Mother’s Day movies and shows for the family, from American comedy films to top K-dramas, all of which will leave you feeling fuzzy.

1. This is 40

Starring Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and Megan Fox, This is 40 is a comedy film about a stressed-out couple approaching their midlife point-of-no-return. True-to-life, it touches on relatable issues around aging, financial hardships, aging parents, and growing children. A classic laugh-out-loud comedy, follow the main cast as they learn to live life to the fullest and to forgive and forget. Available on Netflix, you’ll love this movie if you’re a fan of The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up.

2. Bad Moms

With the plethora of responsibilities and an even longer list of dreams, every mother will surely agree that they have felt overwhelmed by the pressure to be a supermum at some point. From wanting to be the best mother to being the best significant other - and Bad Moms nails the narrative. Another comedic classic, this film perfectly balances the harsh truths of motherhood with hilariously raunchy humor. Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, watch the trio on Netflix as they emancipate themselves from the stresses of motherhood with their wild tactics.

3. Bird Box

Is your mum a fan of post-apocalyptic horror thrillers? Bird Box is for her. Follow Malorie Hayes, played by Sandra Bullock, as she risks her life to save her two children from a supernatural entity. Not for the faint of heart, the suspense-filled film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. How much is Malorie Hayes willing to sacrifice to save her own kids? Stream the film on Netflix and find out for yourself.

4. Mom

Released in 2017, this Bollywood film tells the tale of a furious mother seeking to avenge her stepdaughter. Diving into mature themes such as sexual assault, it follows Devki and the lengths she would go to destroy the lives of the four individuals who walked free despite what they did to her daughter. Filled with tearful and tender moments, this is one to catch on Netflix if you’re looking for a moving story.

5. The Blind Side

The movie that earned Sandra Bullock an Oscar for Best Actress, The Blind Side is an absolute tear-jerker. Based on the true story of the Tuohy family who took in a homeless African-American teen, Michael Oher, this is a story of survival, love, and redemption. Demonstrating what a caring mother and family can do, this movie shows how an unshakeable family bond can conquer all. You might want to grab some tissues while you watch this heart-warming film.

6. Wonder

Written by RJ Palacio, Wonder was released in 2017 but still retains its title as one of the most beautifully told stories about heartache, love, and the value of human life. For over five years in a row, the book was a New York Times bestseller and received numerous national and international awards. It tells the inspiring story of Auggie Pullman, a fifth-grade boy with severe facial deformities. This movie, which you can catch on Netflix, teaches us about seeing the beauty in all that’s around us.

7. Roma

With over 20 major nominations in 2019, and winning nine, plus the top prize at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, Roma is a must-watch Netflix Original. Following a year in the life of a middle-class family’s domestic helper in Mexico City in the early 1970s, this black-and-white period drama is not only artistically filmed but splendidly captures a highly personal story with breath-taking scenes in every shot.

8. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

If you follow K-dramas closely, Twenty-Five Twenty-One is one that you’re sure to have been recommended on Netflix. Starring Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri, this is one of the most talked-about K-dramas in 2022. This hit drama is an epic story about love, competition, passion, and friendship. While the main story spans a decade following the romance between the two leads, you’ll still be able to catch some very relatable mother-daughter moments throughout the 16 episodes. Now out on Netflix.

9. Hi Bye, Mama!

Warning! This is another tear-jerker! Released in 2020, Hi Bye, Mama! will have you in tears from the get-go. It showcases a mother’s refusal to give up on her child, following the spirit of Cha Yu-ri, who stays by her daughter’s side, with the aim of becoming human again to get closer to the child she couldn’t raise because of her unfortunate accident. If you’re up for it, the 16 episodes of this series are worth binge-watching with your mum.

10. Train to Busan

While Train to Busan might seem like an odd choice to throw in this list, we’re sure the sacrifices made throughout the film are something you and your mum will relate to. With instances of motherly love shining through from the supporting casts, Train to Busan is a quick and easy – albeit gory – watch if your mum loves action horror films. Available with a Viu Premium subscription, turn the lights down and get your popcorn ready.

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