This past year has been rough for many. And it appears we're not out of the woods just yet, given recent ‎developments. As such, we might expect the mandatory wearing of masks to remain in place for a while ‎longer.‎

For iPhone users who utilise the Face ID feature that unlocks their handset via facial recognition, will ‎Face ID no longer work with a mask on? Fortunately, one smart user found an innovative solution to ‎unlock an iPhone while still wearing a mask. ‎

How to Unlock an iPhone While Wearing a Mask ‎

TikTok user @kaansanity uploaded a video to the social media platform on 28 June 2020. As of 15 July ‎‎2021, it has been watched 55.9 million times. The video explains how to use your voice to unlock your ‎iPhone. ‎

Here’s how it’s done:‎

– Go to Settings -> Accessibility‎
– Click on ‘Voice Control’ which can be found under ‘Physical and Motor’‎‎
– Enable voice control, then click ‘Customise commands’‎‎
– Tap ‘Create new command’ and type the command you wish to say to open your phone (e.g. ‎unlock)‎‎
– Click on ‘Action’ -> ‘Run custom gesture’.‎‎
– Now, the next step will require some estimation on your end. Tap the spots where the numbers ‎of your password would typically be. So, pretend like you were typing in your PIN on the screen ‎‎(e.g. if your PIN is 123456, tap on the screen where 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 would be if you were ‎unlocking your phone)‎‎
– Press ‘Stop’ on the bottom right and then ‘Save’ on the top right‎
– Go back to the ‘New command’ page and click ‘Save’‎‎
– Lock your screen, and say the command you set (e.g. unlock), and your iPhone will auto-tap your ‎PIN and unlock the screen‎

The Latest iOS Update Includes a Workaround

More recently, Apple released its iOS 14.6 update. However, already released in the previous iOS 14.5 ‎update was the ability to unlock your iPhone using Face ID when you’re wearing your Apple Watch. ‎

You’ll also need to update your Apple Watch to the latest Apple Watch iOS - watchOS 7.4 and after - ‎which was also recently rolled out.‎

If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch with the latest updates, here’s how to unlock your iPhone ‎using this feature:‎

– Go to Settings -> Face ID and Passcode‎
– In this sub-menu you should see the option ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ - turn this on

And that’s it! It’s really a fantastic addition to the features and functions of Apple devices, making things ‎easier for their users.‎

Additional Features of iOS 14.5 You’ll Love

In addition to the latest Apple Watch Face ID unlock feature, there are a few other reasons to update to ‎the new iOS 14.5 and after, including:‎

– AirTag support: If you’re planning to buy one or more AirTags to attach to your belongings to ‎track them, you need to have at least an iOS 14.5 to do so.‎
– Updated Emojis list: A ton of new Emojis when you update to the latest iOS!‎
– App tracking transparency: With iOS 14.5 and beyond, apps now have to ask you for ‎permission to track your activities when the app is closed, and you are not using it.‎
– Added Siri voices: There are now a total of 4 voices you can choose from for Siri, compared to ‎the two that were available in previous iOS versions.‎
– Music app updates: You’ll notice quite a few changes to design and UX after you update to the ‎latest iOS. For example, swiping left and right on tracks to trigger actions like download, add to ‎library and add to playlist. You can even command Siri to play a song from any of your music ‎apps. With time, Siri will even learn about your preferred apps and immediately play tunes ‎without additional prompts.‎

With all these amazing features, if you have an iPhone, update to iOS 14.5 or 14.6! If you don’t have an ‎iPhone just yet, what are you waiting for? Check out the latest iPhone 12 models at M1 and pay as little ‎as $0 upfront on a Bespoke Flexi Plan!‎