Over the last couple of years, the South Korean entertainment industry has gained international renown, further propelled by popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Viu that make it easy to access much-loved K-dramas and Korean variety shows.

But did you know that there are also a host of western shows and dramas you’ve probably watched and love that have been adapted into Korean? If you've never watched a Korean TV series before, why not ease yourself into it by checking these out?

Keep Up with the Latest Hit Shows

The South Korean remake of Suits proved to be a massive hit when it was released, with people tuning in to see how a high-flying corporate lawyer and his dropout assistant (with a secret!) approach challenging cases. If you’re subscribed to Netflix, season 1 of Suits is available for viewing in Singapore!

Like Suits, the award-winning HBO show Entourage was also adapted for a Korean audience. Follow the story of a movie star and his friends as they navigate the world of fame, and find out how they overcome hurdles while also creating problems for themselves.

Running from 2009 to 2016, The Good Wife was a hugely popular award-winning show from America. Although the South Korean version didn’t last quite as long, it’s still a great watch, depicting how a successful prosecutor returns to work following her husband’s high-profile corruption scandal.

Overcoming Harmful Stereotypes

While many American shows have been adapted for a South Korean audience, the exchange goes both ways, and many hit western variety shows originate from South Korea. For example, The Masked Singer is taken from King of Mask Singer (available online on Viu Singapore), and the beloved hospital drama The Good Doctor premiered in South Korean in 2013 (available on Netflix Singapore).

Talk about western media has highlighted how stereotypes and typecasting of Asians brings harm to the Asian community. But with a variety of Chinese and Korean adaptations now widely available on streaming platforms like Viu and Netflix, these shows are helping to dispel myths about the Asian diaspora. And as enthusiasm for K-dramas and Koren variety shows continues to reach new audiences, we expect to see more adaptations and originals that highlight an appreciation of Asian culture.

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