The coronavirus pandemic has left many of us working from home. If you have kids, this can be tricky - they need to be dropped off at school and picked up. If there isn’t anyone else available, Zoom meetings and the like need to be reshuffled.

Then, the school holidays come around. You might feel a little anxious – How will I keep them entertained and busy so I can get my work done?

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you along the way.

3 Tips to Work from Home with Kids During the Holidays

But wait! First, we’d like to reassure you that although these changes may seem difficult to adapt to at first, they can be managed effectively. Make the home an optimal space during this period, and it will help both you and the children!

1. Be realistic about screen time

You might not be keen on your children watching more TV than they usually would. But what if we told you that you can influence the types of shows they are exposed to?

Sure, if they’re on YouTube and watching videos following their every whim and fancy, chances are they won’t learn anything much. However, there are plenty of educational kids’ shows, and you’re sure to find something that they’re interested in, if you’re the one in control.

Nevertheless, if you’ve made the decision to give your kids free reign over which videos they watch, you might want to make sure the content they’re watching is neither crude nor inappropriate. One option is to download “YouTube Kids” instead of the standard app. But that only ensures kid-friendly viewing on the app itself. So, what about other forms of web content? This is where M1’s Cyber Guardian comes in. Block out all harmful content by customising what they see. And guess what? You can even limit their screen time too!

With them kept occupied by quality content and kept safe online, you’ll have some time to finish up the day’s work.

2. Plan out their days (but be open to change)

Over the weekend, sit with them to create a weekly schedule. It might include things like gaming, reading time, outdoor activities, lunch, and screen time.

Having a structure lets them know what to expect and keeps them occupied with activities they enjoy, maybe some they don’t, too. That said, anticipate deviations from what’s written down, and be mentally prepared for when that happens.

3. Subscribe to entertainment and add-on services

There are some fantastic entertainment and add-on options available for M1 customers, including:

– Netflix. You can set up a child-friendly account for your kid. A Netflix subscription gives them plenty of options to choose from and you will be at ease knowing that content is kid friendly.

– As mentioned, protecting your kids from harmful content is an option with Cyber Guardian. Cybersecurity is paramount when the kids are concerned. Subscribe through the My M1+ App and block undesirable content with ease.

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