If you’re looking for the best in wearable tech, you can’t go wrong with Apple Watch Series 6. Offering some of the most comprehensive features, this powerful smartwatch will change your life for the better. Find out what Apple Watch can do by reading this article.

1. Use Your Camera Remotely

Taking the perfect photo is made easier with Apple Watch Series 6. Simply position your camera where you want it to be, then use the Remote Camera App on your Apple Watch to set the timer, adjust the framing, and activate the shutter. For different camera and adjustment settings, and to review your shots, follow the Apple User Guide for more tips.

2. Chat with Siri

Voice assistants have come a long way, and Siri is no different. With watchOS 7 on the latest Apple watches bringing a host of improvements to Siri, streamlining your day is easier than ever. Use Siri to translate between languages, including Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Trigger tasks using the Shortcuts app, or have texts read out to you. Delivering a handsfree experience, the newly upgraded Siri will let you do even more,

3. Face ID in the New Normal

Face ID is great for unlocking your iPhone. However, our new normal of wearing a facemask everywhere has led to some issues with facial recognition technology. Overcome this issue with the Apple Watch Series 6, as you can now use this wearable tech to unlock your phone without compromising on security or health. Simply pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone, set up a Face ID & Passcode, and you’re all set to unlock your iPhone.

4. Track Your iPhone

If your iPhone is on silent mode and you can’t remember where you left it, finding it is never an issue with an Apple Watch on your wrist. Proceed to the Control Center and tap the iPhone icon to have it make a sound, so you can get on with your day.

5. Blood Oxygen Tracking

The health and wellbeing features on Apple smartwatches are already sophisticated. However, the Apple Watch Series 6 takes it up a notch. With the addition of a blood oxygen tracker to measure overall health, the Apple Watch Series 6 uses an optical heart sensor to assess the percentage of oxygen carried by your red blood cells. Set up the Blood Oxygen sensor by opening the Watch app on your iPhone and toggle on Blood Oxygen Measurements to have the feature kick in.

6. Make Payments

Apple introduced Apple Pay as a way to replace physical cards and cash, making payments more secure and private. You can use Apple Pay on your phone, and you can do the same with your wearable tech. More than a fashion statement, use your default card by holding your Apple Watch up to the contactless reader to make payments.

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