Every now and again, something comes along and drives the world into a frenzy faster than you can say “What just happened?”

We’re talking about things like:
 -  Yanny or Laurel
 -  Pokemon Go
 -  Cinnamon Challenge
 -  Flex Tape
 -  The White/ GoDress Debate
 -  Animal Crossing

All these viral trends spread through the power of the internet, and often, memes.

One of the most prominent in recent history is undoubtedly the gaming phenomenon Among Us.

What is Among Us and How Did it Become So Huge?

If you’ve ever watched ‘John Carpenter’s The Thing’, it's incredibly similar to the experience of playing Among Us. One player is randomly selected to play the ‘Imposter,’ who goes around killing other players while trying not to be found out.

The other players, crewmates, who aren't the Imposter have several tasks to complete around a spaceship, such as inspecting samples in the MedBay, starting the reactor and more. Should the crewmates complete all of their tasks, they win the game.

Here's the catch. When someone turns up dead, players can trigger a meeting where players vote to decide who’s sus (i.e. suspicious) and most likely to be the Imposter. Majority rules, and if the Imposter is voted out successfully, the crewmates win. If not, the innocent crewmate is booted into space and the game continues.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? So how did this wickedly cute game get so big?

Among Us was actually released back in June 2018. However, it didn’t gain in popularity until 2020 when a bunch of famous Twitch streamers and YouTubers got on board, creating an explosion in the number of players it has today - 60 million daily active players to be exact!

If you want to give the game a go, you can download Among Us on iOS, Android and Windows (via the Steam gaming setup).

What’s the Best Gaming Setup?

When it comes to video games, the best gaming setup depends on the game itself. For example, the best gaming setup to play Pokemon Go is a great smartphone.

Speaking of Pokemon Go, the 591st Pokemon has been added. So if you've yet to get on board, maybe now's the time. Go nab that elusive creature.

If mobile is your console of choice, with games like Pokemon Go or Among Us appealing the most to you, you'll want to make sure your handset has a great refresh rate and you've got a stable internet connection so that you won't suffer from lag in the middle of an exciting game.

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