If you use an iPhone, auto-correct is something you surely have a love-hate relationship with. Have you seen these Reddit posts?

Typing on your phone only to have auto-correct ironically mess up your spelling can lead to some truly embarrassing situations should the phone decide on a highly inappropriate substitution. But does that mean you have to type at a snail’s pace and check multiple times to make sure you’re sending your intended message? 

Not at all! Here are some tips and techniques that will have you typing faster and more accurately on your iPhone.

How to Type Faster on Phones

We'll start first with how to type faster on your phone, following which we’ll get into methods to assist with accuracy.

Change your iPhone settings
Go to settings->general->keyboard. There, you’ll find several functions and shortcuts that may help you type faster. Go through them and determine which you’d like to use. These tools include the ‘Text Replacement’ feature, which lets you set shortcuts that  trigger when writing a message. For example, when you type ‘hyg’ it’ll replace that with ‘how are you going?’ - cool, isn't it?

Predictive text
You might have noticed the predictive function which displays suggestions at the top of your keyboard. While it can take a bit of getting used to, once you get a hang of things, you’ll find that it’s a fantastic way to type faster. It will also help with your accuracy.

One-handed texting
Sometimes, we need to use our phones, but only have one hand free. If you have a larger phone like iPhone 12 Pro Max, texting with only one hand could put a  strain on your muscles. Instead of straining your fingers, press and hold on the world icon in the bottom left corner of your keyboard. Select a keyboard that sits on either on the left or right side of your phone. Isn't that much better?

‎How to type More Accurately

Being able to type quickly doesn’t mean much if you’re typing inaccurately. Sure, you’ll be able to send your text faster, but the recipient may not be able to understand any of it! Here’s how you can type faster and with greater accuracy.

Get a larger smartphone
The bigger your phone, the bigger the keyboard, and it’ll be easier to tap the key you need. iPhone 12 Pro, for example, is a good larger-sized smartphone that  will help you type more accurately.
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Undo errors quickly and easily
When you make a mistake while typing, you might initially think to go back and fix it when you're done. But you might also forget to do so. So why do that when there’s a quick and easy way to remove errors?
With iPhone 12, all you need to do is give a little shake or slide three fingers to the left of the screen to undo a mistake. And if you accidentally delete a word you want to keep, you can ‘redo’ by sliding three fingers to the right. Voilà!