For your office to reach maximum potential, you'll need a fast and reliable broadband connection. Yet, many workplaces suffer from connectivity issues which lead to a reduction in productivity and, worse yet, lots of frustration.

However, you really don’t have to struggle just to get through your work day. From checking your work computers for viruses to properly configuring your internet router, there are many techniques that can improve your business broadband connection and poise your team for success.

Tips to Improve Your Internet Connection

Don’t let efficiency fall due to poor broadband connection – take charge of your network speeds!

1. Reduce dead zones with a Wi-Fi mesh system

Wi-Fi dead spots at home are a problem, and the same applies to the office. Wi-Fi in the office is important, so you want to avoid dead zones from the wrong set-up. Overcome this issue by installing a Wi-Fi mesh system, where multiple routers work together to provide comprehensive internet coverage.

2. Review connected devices

Office broadband connection may slow down too if you allow unauthorised devices to connect to it. By assessing who and what connects to your network throughout the day, you can restrict devices to just your colleagues and customers. If you need help, check out our Network and Systems Monitoring and Privileged Identity & Access Management solutions. “Auditing” the devices connected to your company's Wi-Fi can dramatically improve connection speed.

3. Check for viruses and malware

Malicious viruses and malware will hamper business broadband connections. So, conduct regular scans of company computers. Not only will this secure your workplace's data, but you might also discover a boost to your internet speeds. Besides office Wi-Fi solutions, we also offer a range of business solutions at M1 that keep malware at bay. From Firewall Access Control & Security Systems to Unified Threat Management, protect your organisation from external (and internal) digital threats.

Free Your Office’s Broadband Connection with M1

If you want a business broadband that works without any hassle, check out our range of corporate broadband plans. As one of the leading Wi-Fi service providers in Singapore, M1 offers numerous forward-thinking solutions that could make this a reality. For example, Managed Wi-Fi by M1 is a reliable, scalable option that’s built specifically for businesses. We’ll take care of the hardware and configuration concerns, and provide round-the-clock support.

If your business requires an even more secure connection, M1 also offers a selection of Fibre VPN products for a dependable point-to-point network. With bandwidth capable of scaling to 1GB and a guaranteed 99.95% uptime, you won’t have to worry about your office’s connection ever again. Get in touch with our friendly business team to learn more.