Whether you’re a ’Gram goblin, Facebook fanatic, or twisted for Twitter, the introduction of 5G technology has the potential to change the future of social media and social media platforms.

But what is 5G? Let’s understand 5G together.

Main Features of 5G Technology

Short for 5th Generation, 5G is the most recent upgrade to mobile network technology. It is being rolled out in several cities and countries around the world. Major benefits of 5G in Singapore and globally include:

- Increased speeds: It is said that at its peak, the 5G network will provide speeds more than 20x faster than the current 4G network. That means smoother streaming, lag-less mobile gaming, and a seamless browsing experience.

- More bandwidth: To understand this, consider the network as a freeway. As you might imagine, growing populations and the rising popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) devices can cause ‘traffic jams’ (reduced speeds, spotty calls, etc.). However, 5G will add a bunch of lanes and open things up again to minimise or eliminate congestion.

- Low latency: 5G aims to drastically lower latency, which is the time between sending information and getting a response. For example, the time between you clicking a button in an app that’s hosted on a server and the resulting action coming back to the app.

How Will 5G Change Social Media in the Future?

1. Short buffering time

Probably a given, but page load time will decrease dramatically, making your experience on any social media platform more seamless. Just as Amazon is crushing the load time game, developers might do the same with social media platforms soon.

2. Longer content forms

With 4G speeds, there was a rise in uploads of 30-second-long videos. Once a platform that only allowed pictures to be edited and uploaded, we’ve seen how Instagram has grown. Well, guess what? With 5G, you might be able to share even longer videos.

3. More videos

The longer it takes for a video to load, the more likely one will ignore the content. Thanks to the powerful boost to network speed 5G will bring about, chances are this will be accompanied by an increased number of videos released on all social media platforms. This includes both streaming and pre-recorded content.

4. High-definition

Streaming several movies at once or downloading high-definition content will be a breeze with 5G technology. With always-on internet connection, uploading or downloading high-def images might be possible.

5. New ways of interacting

Because of the increased bandwidth, the way we interact on social media will change. Thought social media has reached its final evolution? With 5G, connecting with others and sharing information will become that much easier.

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