Halloween is all about spine-tingling stories, spooktacular costumes, and thrilling experiences. But did you know that technology can also play a huge role in how you celebrate this haunted holiday? Whether it's capturing the creepiest costumes, marathoning horror movies, or indulging in chilling games, we've got all the tech thrills you need.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the best fibre broadband plans and mobile phone offers you'll need for a hauntingly connected Halloween.

Capture the Unforgettable Halloween Moments

Halloween isn't just another holiday; it's an entire season of cherished memories waiting to be captured. From adorable toddlers in pumpkin costumes to terrifying haunted houses, you'll want a smartphone with the best camera features in hand to catch every moment. We recommend the iPhone 15 Pro, Galaxy Z Flip 5 5G, and OPPO Reno10 Pro for their exceptional camera capabilities:

  • Phone 15 Pro features a new 48 Megapixel sensor camera, advanced optical image stabilization and better low-light performance, plus a computational photography feature called the Photonic Engine to boost image quality.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 5G offers two 12-megapixel cameras for sharp images and improved night photography. It's an ideal choice for capturing Halloween horror in high definition.

  • OPPO Reno10 Pro, with its 50-megapixel primary camera and exceptional low-light capabilities, features a triple-camera setup, including an 8-megapixel ultra-wide and a 32-megapixel telephoto camera so that you won’t miss any spooky action.

As Halloween rolls around, take advantage of M1’s mobile phone deals to make your festivities both high-tech and high-spirited.

Enjoy Horror Movie Marathons with M1's Home Broadband Plans

Halloween and horror movies go together like trick-or-treaters and candy. And to truly indulge, you'll need robust home broadband services to enjoy your favourite horror films on your preferred streaming services. If you're new to the horror genre, start with movies like "Us," "Insidious," "Hereditary," and "Smile." Korean drama fans can binge-watch popular series such as "Revenant" and "Sweet Home", which are also horror-themed.

With M1’s fibre broadband plan, you won’t have to worry about buffering during the crucial cliffhanger moments. We also have special promotions that come with either a free 55-inch PRISM+ 4K TV, 58-inch Xiaomi 4K TV or SONOS Ray Sounder when you sign up for the 2Gbps home fibre broadband plan — making your horror movie experience more immersive.

Unleash the Thrill with M1's GamePRO 1Gbps

This Halloween, up the ante with hair-raising horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Phasmophobia, and Slenderman. A reliable and fast gaming monitor can enhance your Halloween gaming marathon.

Our Fibre Broadband GamePRO 1Gbps plan is a game-changer with a dedicated network, lower latency, and managed routing. As a bonus, we offer a free ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Headset, an ergonomic wired RGB mouse, and a TUF Gaming P1 mouse pad when you top up your plan with the ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor (VG279QR).

With this exceptional fibre broadband plan, you're all set for a hauntingly captivating Halloween.

Wrap Up Your Halloween with M1’s Exclusive Promotions

Halloween is a time of thrills and chills, and what better way to celebrate it than by taking advantage of our mobile phone offers and fibre broadband deals? This Halloween, don’t just play dress-up; upgrade your tech game with M1 so you can revel in this spooky season like never before.

Are you ready to make your Halloween a memorable one? Check out M1's extensive list of promotions for all the good deals we have in store for you.