As an M1 customer, you’re getting some super-customisable and personalised mobile plans. Singapore’s beloved network provider, M1, allows monthly changes to your data allowance and call minutes, so you’ll never be stuck with a cookie-cutter plan for a year (or 2) ever again.

Better yet, with M1’s mobile data plan, customers in Singapore have access to numerous add-ons that are readily available. From the IDD 021 Saver pack, which includes 700 minutes for users to make international calls to 021 numbers (19 countries total), to Unlimited Weekend Data and more, there are so many options to choose from!

Mobile Rewards & Other Added Benefits of Being with M1

In addition to our irresistible limited-time deals and specials on mobile, prepaid, and home broadband plans, there are plenty of M1 rewards you’re sure to love. Read on to find out what else you can enjoy as an M1 customer.

1. Sunrisers benefits

When you’re a Sunriser member, you’ll get a bunch of amazing, exclusive specials including:
– A $500 handset recontract voucher every year so you can keep up with the latest and greatest tech
– First-class priority queue services whether you’re calling our customer service hotline or heading in-store. Skip the queue!
– Free delivery to wherever you are in Singapore when you buy a new handset online
– Free replacement SIM card if yours is lost or damaged
– Free caller ID
– A 20% accessories voucher
– Data Passport activation fee waived
– Admin/registration fee waived
– Handset exchange (within 14 days of purchase)

When you consider these awesome benefits, you’d know why we have so many Sunrisers! If you want to join the community, head to the Sunriser rewards page to find out how to join.

2. Birthday treats

M1 has a whole list of exclusive birthday treats for you*:
– A 1-for-1 ice cream take-home pint from Andersen’s Ice Cream
– Free family weekend outdoor photo session (worth $120) at Firefly Photography
– 30% off your bill voucher for takeaway orders at Java+
– 30% off English afternoon tea at Lobby Lounge
– 20% off your total food bill (a la carte menu) at Wan Hao Chinese restaurant

Better yet, accessing and claiming these lovely birthday treats are a breeze — simply log in to the My M1+ App on your special day!

*M1 and its merchants reserve the right to withdraw or amend the terms and conditions of these promotions without prior notice

3. Additional privileges

Thinking about getting a new credit card? Choose the Citi M1 Card to get exclusive rebates and savings on your M1 bills.

Freedom to Build the Best Mobile Plans for Yourself

Being able to personalise your mobile data allowance and call minutes (remember, you can change them each month, too!) on top of the many add-ons and long list of rewards, it’s clear why now’s the time to make the switch to M1.