There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” - The Matrix

We all have dreams and aspirations, and it is common to feel like we're walking a path not meant for us. Perhaps it's because we're comfortable with where we are and don't see a need for change, or maybe because of exigencies that prevent us from pursuing our passions. There's nothing wrong with following the practical path.

However, if you yearn for a change, don't, not even for a second, let others dictate how you should live. If you find yourself uninspired from having stayed on one path too long, harness modern technology. There’s nothing stopping you from finding your own inspiration and forging your own destiny.

Follow Your Own Path

Follow your passion – no matter how big or small. That is at the heart of M1’s BE campaign. Featuring 7 Singaporeans who embrace their individuality, their vigour for life is something that everyone can draw inspiration from. Take Mary Ho, for example, who picked up the guitar at the age of 60 and learned how to jam like the best of them. With dozens of TV appearances and millions of views on her YouTube videos, it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

There’s also Shariff Abdullah, Singapore’s own blade runner, who has completed some of the world’s most extreme marathons despite being born with only one foot. Whether in the Himalayas or the North Pole, his incredible accomplishments would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Meanwhile, Malik Mazlan mastered the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy while also pushing the boundaries of virtual reality.

Creating Change Through New Media

Everyone is unique in their own way. And the rise of new media has given us the ability to learn from people that we might never have known about otherwise. In such a time of social upheaval when diversity is being discussed more than ever before, platforms like YouTube offer incredible insights to creators, making it easy to watch, listen, and learn.

For example, ContraPoints and Philosophy Tube – both run by trans individuals– answer fascinating questions from a philosophical standpoint, highlighting issues that impact modern society. So no matter who you are, head online, share your experiences, and be free to express yourself and find a community that represents you.