The COVID-19 pandemic has left an impact on the business landscape will be felt for many years to come, creating an uncertain future. But as the dust settles and organisations plan their next steps, identifying the way forward will prove challenging.

Adopting a systemic marketing model can help your company generate a positive response that propels it in the right direction. That involves considering each marketing pillar as an integrated network rather than individual parts, and by placing the customer at the heart of your decision-making process, you can use data-driven techniques to develop clear goals that retain their attention. With systemic marketing used by global leaders to enact new policies, it might just ensure your company survives an unprecedented crisis.

The 6 Pillars of Systemic Marketing

If you’re ready to adopt a systemic marketing model, here's how you can apply the major principles to your organisation. We’ve also highlighted some of M1’s enterprise solutions to help you achieve your goals.

1. Culture of Learning

Foster a culture of learning at every level to ensure that decision-making is carried out after thorough analysis. For example, with M1’s Lithan Academy, you can support digital transformation of your business by enrolling employees in boot camps and e-learning courses aimed at digital upskilling.

2. Customer-Centric

As consumers play an increasingly important role in product development, at a time when many industries are more competitive than ever before, understanding the precise needs of your customers is critical.

Embracing a customer-centric approach towards your day-to-day business operations is therefore vital. This user-focused approach also applies to how you handle customer service. You'll want to deliver a multi-channel, highly personalised customer service experience that strengthens the consumer-brand relationship.

By adopting M1 Cloud Unified Communication (UC) solutions, you can achieve just that. . Bring your business fixed-line wherever you go with Cloud PBX and never miss an important call. With essential PBX features such as call forwarding and call hold, this Cloud based UC solution will support efficient engagement across all teams.

Corporate solutions like enterprise mobile plans and business broadband plans also ensure that you stay connected with always-on data roaming.

3. Common Objectives

Get your entire team pulling in the same direction if you want to reach your targets. By developing a clear objective with a measurable route to success, you can get your workforce on the same page and benefit from their combined effort.

Our Start Digital Solutions supports digital collaboration with tools and collaboration suites like Lark. An all-in-one collaboration suite, it enables your team to do their best work together.

The ‘Common Objectives’ pillar also involves how you interact with customers. By encouraging their participation in your product development and actively seeking out user feedback, consumers feel invested in your brand’s success. Our Professional Services and Consultancy team helps companies achieve this business transformation in record time.

4. Data-Driven

Developing methods for capturing, analysing, and acting upon data related to your business is crucial towards achieving your goals. Rather than relying on guesswork and assumptions about your customers, there’s a wealth of tools at your disposal to receive in-depth insights that help you reach your objectives.

Our Big Data - Telco Analytics service is designed to help companies speed up their digitisation and transformation efforts. By understanding your business operations on a fundamental level with data reports on customer preferences and footfall, you can better comprehend what appeals to your exact target market. This way, you can reach your customers with the perfect message to boosts sales.

5. Team Collaboration

To keep up with the changing world, your business needs to implement processes that promote agility and flexibility. While this can involve a range of tech-based solutions, achieving high-quality collaboration also involves trusting your colleagues and including more people in the decision-making process.

If that has already been achieved, there are many technological solutions that can help you achieve your goals. SME Hub from M1 is a selection of powerful products that take your team’s collaboration to greater heights. This includes a Productivity Cloud Solution for Microsoft 365 and File Storage and Sharing Solutions with Dropbox.

6. Keep it Human

Even though technology is evolving at an unbelievable pace, always remember that many customers still prefer a human touch, whether they shop online or in physical stores. While some customers like to handle problems themselves, many continue to want human interaction and want actual people to address their queries and issues.

Real people remain an essential part of the customer experience. Implement technology that streamline processes for everyone, and strike a balance between innovative solutions and a friendly face.

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Besides being a telecommunications service provider, M1’s Professional Services and Consultancy can also help your organisation implement the technology it needs to analyse and understand business needs effectively. Providing end-to-end services such as next-gen middleware solutions and managed services, taking your business up a notch is made easy.