Tired of listening to the same tunes all day? Finding new music to listen to can be a hassle. That's why we've written this piece to breathe new life into your music listening experience.

Evolve Your Music Experience into Something Extraordinary

Sometimes, it's not just about the gadgets. Here are just a few ways to help you better appreciate what you’re listening to.

1. Get to Know the Lyrics

Specific music apps like Spotify make it really easy to sing along to some songs with its ‘Lyrics’ feature. Depending on the tunes you are listening to, Spotify also runs the ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature in partnership with Genius. With the combination of lyrics and song trivia, you're bound to be more intimately engaged with what you're listening to.

Deezer has a similar ‘Lyrics’ feature but takes it up a notch by allowing subscribers to share the verses they love on Instagram Stories.

2. Experiment with Different Genres

We all have that one go-to genre. But tapping onto features like ‘Discover something new’ on Spotify makes it easy for users to stumble onto something fresh. Finding your new favourite artist is made easy. ‘Made for you’ on both Spotify and Deezer also makes personalised recommendations and playlists based on your audio history.

3. Different Playlists for Different Activities

Music has the incredible ability to affect our mood and emotions. Create different playlists to match what you're doing.

Listen to a playlist of gentle instrumental music for meditation and relaxation. Pick something more upbeat such as Rock & Roll to motivate you at the gym.

4. Choose a Top-Tier Streaming Service

There are many music apps to download today, and if you’re looking for something that's great value for money, offering premium quality sound on affordable plans and an incredibly large library, try Deezer out.

How Deezer will Change the Way You Listen to Music

The number of features that come with the Deezer app is unrivalled. With Deezer Free, you can enjoy music, podcasts and radio for free, albeit with ads. For an ad-free experience, you'll need a subscription to Deezer Premium. At under S$10/month, a Deezer Premium plan is incredibly affordable. Want a better deal? Share your subscription with family and friends with Deezer Family at S$14.85/month. At the same price, you can also opt for Deezer HiFi for a superior music experience. These 3 plans will give you:

  • Access to an astounding 73 million-plus tracks
  • No ads
  • An unlimited amount of skips
  • High fidelity sound
  • Songcatcher (finds the name of any song playing in the app)
  • Ability to create up to 2,000 playlists
  • Cross-device listening
  • Lyrics display and share


Deezer Premium offers more with its offline mode. Download your favourite tunes and podcasts and listen anytime, anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection or using data. If you want to listen to music online while you’re at home, in the office connected to Wi-Fi, or out and about and want to listen to music offline so you don’t eat away at your monthly data allowance, you’re covered!

Additional features such as the SongCatcher bring your music listening experience to the next level, empowering you to easily identify songs being played and add them to your playlists! Users can also improve Flow in Deezer by adding tracks to their favourites or removing songs from Flow.