With the spooky season just around the corner, you might have already set your sights on dressing up as your favourite villain for some thrilling fun. But what's Halloween without capturing all its eerie brilliance and memorable times with your ghoulish squad?

Moreover, freaking out your friends with photos of ghostly apparitions can be an unusual and delightful trick to pull – but only if you're equipped to shoot in the dark. Embracing the spirit of the season, M1 has rounded up some nifty tips and tricks you can master with just your smartphone camera and its array of filters. Got your Halloween makeup on point? Let's get started!

Phone with the Best Video

Document every chilling moment of the season with precision on iPhone 15. Whether you're grooving at a ghostly gala or weaving through a haunted house, this phone ensures your videos mirror the excitement of the moment. Its stabilisation features guarantee that every frame is captured with clarity, bringing out the eerie details of your Halloween festivities. Meanwhile, iPhone 15's Cinematic Mode allows you to apply bokeh effects seamlessly, empowering your storytelling and bringing your artistic ideas to live.

Phone with the Best Zoom Camera

The details matter, especially when it comes to photography, and with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can capture the essence of Halloween in its full glory. Featuring a camera with a remarkable 100x digital zoom and 10x optical zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has one of the best cameras in the smartphone industry and lets you push the boundaries artistically. The magic doesn't end there.

Ever been entranced by the iconic vertigo effect showcased in classics like the Poltergeist or American Horror Story, where the foreground remains constant, but the background seems to shift and warp? You can recreate that very cinematic effect with your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

All it takes is a simple trick:

  • Stand back from your subject.

  • Zoom in 4x or more on your phone

  • Gradually zoom out as you walk towards your subject.

With this skill, you can easily create spine-chilling shots that send shivers down your social media followers' spines!

Phone with the Best Low-Light Performance

Shadows and dim lighting are Halloween staples. To capture the essence of these scenes, you need a smartphone with a camera that excels in low-light conditions. This is where the OPPO Find X5 Pro excels. The OPPO smartphone’s remarkable low-light capabilities ensure that your phone keeps up with you as you venture into the night, documenting haunting moments and darkened landscapes in full clarity.

Phone with the Best Selfie Camera

Ready to take a selfie with your ghoulish buddies? With Huawei P60 Pro’s exceptional selfie camera, every chilling detail, from your intricate Halloween makeup to cool Halloween home decor, gets its moment in the spotlight. Featuring Huawei’s innovative technology that boosts light intake and pixel binning that reduces noise in photos, you’ll get a remarkably bright selfie with razor-sharp quality.

Plus, the smartphone’s AI functionalities cherry-pick the most striking frames from a moving picture and eliminates undesired passers-by for that perfect clean shot. For the finishing touch, Huawei P60 Pro provides a range of cosmetic enhancements for its portrait mode so you can look effortlessly stunning even before you apply a Halloween filter in photo editor apps like Snow or Meitu.

And once you've captured the spirit of Halloween, rely on M1's True 5G to share your memories. Boasting speeds 10 times faster than 4G networks in Singapore and twice the network response, sharing your selfies on social media is seamless even at a crowded Halloween event.

Phone for the Best Effects

If experimental photography is up your alley, go wild with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Sporting a foldable design, you can easily set your phone on the ground or fold it to capture innovative spooky shots with limited props.

Whether you're looking to snap, edit, or share on the fly, M1 has you covered with our broad range of smartphones that feature advanced camera capabilities. Plus, with our diverse mobile phone plans, like Bespoke Flexi, you can easily get the latest devices with an upfront fee as low as S$0. Browse our exclusive promotions to secure the best deals today!