The pandemic has caused disruptions and changes across a multitude of industries. And the education sector is one that has been severely affected.

From little ones through to university students and everyone in between, it's certainly been a huge adjustment to how lessons are delivered .

One initiative is home-based learning, or HBL.

What is Home-based Learning?

Home-based learning is exactly what it sounds like - students read, watch recorded and live classes, and more, all from home. With full home-based learning now a form of education all schools have to resort to, the Ministry of Education has made Blended Learning a key feature of education. Leveraging on technology and digital media, this online instructor-led classroom focuses on learning activities that would have otherwise been conducted in traditional classrooms.

7 Ways to Study Productively During Home-based Learning

Whether you’re a parent with children engaged in home-based learning or a university student going back-and-forth between home and campus, here's how you can create a conducive study environment.

1. Remove Distractions

Whether it’s phones, toys, social media, or YouTube, there are so many distractions for students during home-based learning. Therefore, it’s important to get rid of everything that might steal their attention. Manage or limit screen time with Cyber Guardian by M1.

2. Create a Dedicated Study Environment

Similar to working from home, it’s important to have a dedicated study room, or at least a specific study area for a conducive study environment. If you are a parent who has boosted productivity in your digital office, do the same for your kids. By creating a dedicated “study zone”, it's only natural for them to get in the right frame of mind before their online lesson.

3. Have Good-Quality Hardware

They say an artist is only as good as their brushes. A student will definitely benefit from quality hardware. This includes everything from home Wi-Fi solutions such as Google Nest Wi-Fi for a faster network connection throughout your home, to getting the best laptop or iPad for university students and kids .

4. Install All Software Necessary

It’s important that all the necessary software has been downloaded and installed before lessons. This will save time and mitigate the risk of missing out on the important parts of lessons while you rectify any technological issues.

You’ll also want to be able to collaborate and communicate with teachers and classmates. Consider downloading or installing software such as Skype, Zoom, Slack, Google Chat, and even Trello to create study guides.

5. Get a Comfortable Chair

It is said that 8 in 10 youths in Singapore spend 3 hours or more on their phones or tablets a day. Extended use of gadgets can lead to what is known as “Text Neck” syndrome. With an upward trend in patients suffering from neck issues, we must do what we can to prevent such occurrences. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair not only means short-term discomfort and back pain but potentially longer-term posture and back issues. This is why you'll want to get a comfortable, ergonomic chair that promotes better posture for home-based learning.

6. Promote Self-Motivation

A lack of self-motivation can be a major hindrance to home-based learning. Work with your child to find ways they can be more independent. Learning how to motivate oneself can have long-lasting positive effects. Therefore, try implementing systems like rewards for reaching goals and celebrate small wins.

7. Get a Fast, Reliable Internet Connection

Ensure you don’t drop out of Zoom calls because of a poor home fibre broadband connection. Sign up with a reputable internet services provider. M1 offers a range of Wi-Fi plans with exceptional broadband promotions for connection speeds up to 2 x 1Gbps so that you’ll never have to worry about how to speed up your internet connection or handle high bandwidth applications.

Connect with the Best Broadband Internet Service Provider in Singapore

If you need to create a conducive study room for home-based learning, internet connectivity is a huge part of the puzzle. And if you’re wondering how to speed up or improve your internet connection, you’ve come to the right place.

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